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My Mr. Chicken Fry is full of unexpected spontaneous surprises.  He pulled a total date night doozie on me last night.  With it being Valentines and all I just assumed we would share a quaint family dinner out.  However our little social teen queen had other plans with a large group of girlfriends for a “Galentines” girls night out.  She  ditched us.  Totally left  me and Mr. Chicken Fry high and dry which was a perfect parlay for a date night.

At approximately 6:15 pm I finished training my last workout warrior of the day.  Good o’l Mr. Chicken Fry met me at door and instructed me to get showered because he was taking me to the movies.  Now to know me is to know that I NEVER turn down a night at the movies with my main squeeze.  I love going to the movie theater. PERIOD!  To know my hubby is to know that he does NOT share my strong affinity for going to the movies.  There is a small window of time, between Super Bowl and March Madness, that he can be persuaded to go to the acatual theatre with me. As you can imagine,  this was basically one of those surreal fantasy moments for me!

With zero hesitation I darted down the hall with sparks flying from my socks to hurriedly get showered and decent enough for a MOVIE with my MAN!  In my out-of-body state of excitement I fail to ask a pertinent question like what time does the movie start?  The truth is, I could care less what movie we see because I delight in the whole entire movie experience.  The hand holding walking from the parking lot into the theater.  The smell of the popcorn while waiting in line for Milk Duds, a large no butter bag of pop corn and a water.  The anticipation of the movie, the dark theater, the surround sound and the trumpets signaling its show time!    Call me crazy but I don’t even mind when it’s a bad movie.

While I was in the shower, I had a sudden rush of anxiety as a thought crossed my mind.  It was at that exact moment I realized I was operating under the general assumption that my charismatic husband had actually made a plan.  Seconds later it dawned on me that of all nights, Chicken Fry wants to see a movie on actual Valentines day.  Oh no, Oh boy!   I told myself be calm be calm, he’s got this!  Surely he purchased tickets on-line in advance before he got my hopes sky high.  Surley he wouldn’t have asked me to get dressed…right?  Just to double-check, I sent him a quick text at 6:33pm which read: Should I get ready…dressed?  He responded with an emphatic, YES!  My man has got this!

At about 6:45pm (15 minutes later)  I come bee bopping down the hall fresh as a daisy ready for movie night! I walk into the family room to see him hunting and pecking away on his I-pad holding his credit card.  This was somewhat reassuring so I asked, “hey,what time is the show?”  With a look of frustration he slammed the I-pad shut and uttered the words, “I don’t know?”  After an exchange of multiple questions I determined that as I guessed, most dine in theaters near us were sold out.  When he finally found a movie that wasn’t sold out, he was thrust into a lengthy registration process to purchase tickets.  Sensing his frustration we agreed to get in the car and go anyway and see what we could find.

While on our way towards a theatre I called other nearby theatres but no luck at all on buying seats.  All the while Mr. Chicken Fry stayed calm and continued to drive to the theatre anyway.  We parked, ran acaross the parking lot where we were greeted by a long line of patrons.  He took his spot in line and I went to grab a seat the bar. Movie theaters have bars now…isn’t that crazy!  This place was packed.  Not a single seat at the bar.  At this point I knew we would most likely have to wait a while and catch a later show time.  What I didn’t anticipate was our seat placement.  About 10 minutes in I found two seats at the bar just in time for Mr. Chicken Fry to deliever the news.  Good news was the movie started in 10 minutes but bad news was we were on the FIRST flipping ROW!  FIRST ROW JOES!  Girl, he don’t got this!

Oh my Lord y’all…I need a neck massage.  Even with the fancy leather reclining seats this was a whip.  Mr. Chicken Fry sure knows how to show a girl a good time.    It felt like we were in a really bad 3-D I-max movie combo.   Had this been some action packed thriller I would have no doubt experienced severe motion sickness.

But much like my total disregard for a particular movie, I just loved being next to my cinema sweetie.  We shared a barbecue barbeque chicken pizza and pop corn!  I had a glass of wine and my date had a cold Coors Light.   And look what we found…a photo booth! No way I was going to let Mr. Chicken Fry out of a photo from this memorable date night!  This  one is going down in the record books!

My baby only buys the best…front row tickets at the cinema.  Really, it’s hard to believe he could even swing these fancy swanky seats at the VERY last-minute!?!?!  He must have called ahead when I was in the shower!?!?!

It’s fine that my eyes were crossing and I had moments of double vision.  It’s fine that I could see the nose hairs, pores and cavities of every actor on the big screen.  It’s fine that I had to basically bear crawl across the floor when I had to use the ladies room.  It’s fine!!!

In light of our super close seating situation, I splurged and had my mid week cheat meal…so sue me!  I even opted for a second glass of wine in case I went blind….so sue me!  Yes, I woke up this morning laughing and yes I lifted like a beast during my workout!

I crushed a killer outdoor cardio session and as they say in the theatre…the show must go!

How did you celebrate the evening?

Love, date and kiss your mate!




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