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Tid Bit Tuesday: FEETURES


Starting the week off on the fight foot with a FITastic promo piece.  A FEETURE story worthy of your attention.

The fun folks at Feetures keep improving what I didn’t think could get any better…their socks.  Who knew that socks mattered?

My daily gig as a personal trainer keeps me on my toes and feet.  The majority of the day I stand, instruct, and demonstrate during every training session.  I often work along side of my clients amid the workout session.  I wouldn’t dare casually sit while they bust their booty working out. Shoot, I get jealous.  I often get on my stationary bike and pedal while they push through their session.  They sweat, I sweat and we all win!

With this being said…socks really do make a difference.  Before Feetures my socks were dull and always playing tricks on me.  Like a hide and seek game slipping down my heel into the middle part of my foot.  I HATE THAT!  It’s so annoying to stop and untie my double knotted shoe…..I‘m an equal opportunity tie-er which meant I had to untie the other shoe as well.  This was a daily cat and mouse routine I played with my socks.  #TRAINER WOES!

The Feetures no slip grip heel tab put and end to the ridiculous game.  Aside from getting my life back in order, I also waved bye bye to blisters the day I found FEETURES.

Is there a Burgular in the house?  My coveted sock drawer is stocked full of Feetures socks that I wear week after week.  I’m acutely aware when a pair goes missing because after all, I’m THE MAID.  I do all of the wash.  Every article of clothing and garnet in our home goes through me.  I’m the chief operating office of the laundry.  No one can blame a  missing pair of under wear or socks on the dryer. Sock burglar mystery solved when I busted my bouncing bundle of teenage joy sporting my most prized pair. Get a job and buy your own girl friend!

So what’s new at FEETURES?

Hello COLORS!  Feetures make socks so fun with their bold vibrant colors combos.  Their latest is a green and blue combo that looks oh so fresh for the Summer.  Not everyone is a rainbow sock addict like me.  No worries because Feetures also has solids.  Go the clean route with a staple black or white pair of socks.  My teen queen is a week away from try outs for high school cheer and white socks are a requirement.  FEETURES to the rescue. Our friends at FEETURES gave her the hook up with a pair of ultra light high performance all white socks.  These babies guarantee a snug supportive FIT eliminating movement inside the shoe which will come in handy to all athletes.  Cheerleaders these days don’t just chant and bang their pom poms together from the side lines.  These bow heads jump, dance and tumble too.  They can’t afford to fiddle with their socks AND their big sparkly bow!  lol

Compression heaven!  If you have circulation issues the light fusion knee sock is where you need to be. The graduated compression improves circulation throughout the leg to promote faster recovery and reduce fatigue.  It stabilizes the calf zone reducing muscle vibration and sore muscles.  Targeted arch support is a blessing in itself! Look at all that protection.

Speaking of protection every pair of FEETURE socks comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. A sock with its very on guarantee? It’s too much, I can’t talk about it! It’s to FITastic to even be true! Me and Feetures socks have just become friends for LIFE! Feetures’ promise that their socks are designed to withstand repeated wearing, sweating and washing to maintain their FIT and feel over THE LIFESPAN of the sock. Are you kidding me? This is toe tapping,  heel clanking, full on hard flexing news!

The long sock look is not my style.  I felt a little too catholic school girl/ high school cheerleaderish. However I think all student and adult athletes (soccer, running, lacrosse, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, track)  would like these socks.  In a non gym environment such as a team sport these would be perfect!

Kick back and relax…if your socks should have a blow out or not live up to your standard of protection all you gotta do is call 1-888-801-7227 for a replacement or a FULL refund! I can’t even believe this kind of customer service.  I love it!!!

If you want the Cadillac of cushion these socks are going to rock your world.

~ angi abercrombie

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To use the code, you must order directly from the FEETURES web site at

Love, try FEETURES, they’re good keepers!

Angi xo

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