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MAKE UP your mind Monday

Happy Monday!  How did your weekend shake out?  Mine was super chill and laid back just the way I like it.  In fact, all was grande and wonderful until this morning at about 6:45am.  Now, if you don’t care to listen to me whimper about a small incident that played out this morning, simply scroll past this to the line and read today’s post. 🙂  However, if you want to shower me with sincere sympathy and love please read along!

I woke up this morning as spry and happy as a baby lark which according to my mom is  the happiest bird on planet earth.  I felt rested and energetic moving along through my morning shuffle like a free bird.  I was several sips into to my perfectly quaffed cupof coffee doing my thang.  COFFEE alone is the sole staple piece that calls me out of my cush bed each day.  I was busy doing all of the stuff.  I packed the lunch, switched out some laundry, folded towels, fed the dog, flat ironed the back of teen queens head and was in the middle of tidying her room when it happened. I BENT OVER! THE END!  I BENT OVER!!!!!

I bent over and felt a strong weird sensation pull in my lower back. It sort of took me by surprise and took my breath away.  I think I made a guttural weird noise and no one in my house cared to respond.  At the moment, I wasn’t sure if I should stand up straight or stay hunched over.  I uttered a louder, “Oh crap,” as I tried to stand up.  Again, nothing but silence from the two other humans in the area.  I begrudgingly stood up and with every move I made felt pulling pain, strain, pinch, sore, discomfort across my lower back.

What in the heck did I just do?  All I did was bend over to pick up a stupid T-shirt on the floor.   Is this what almost 44 feels like?  I rebuke you mid-forties.

Gingerly, I made my way to a bench at the foot of miss teen queens bed.  I sat down.  Was this  no nothing incident really happening?  I tried to talk myself out of it with a pep talk.  “Angi, “you are fine now stand up and shake it off.”  Whoa nelly…I wasn’t going far or very fast.

I made one last attempt to holler for some form of compassion or slight sincere assistance would have been nice.  “Hey, I need to hear from somebody.  I need the foam roller on the pronto.”  Teen Queen to the rescue.  “Mommy, what happened?”  “Oh nothing dear, just threw my back out picking up your dirty laundry which I asked you to pick up last night.”  I’m sure I sounded so calm, so cool and so nice.

Meanwhile I’m having conversations with myself. “Oh my goodness, what is this dreadful feeling?”   I almost couldn’t even get down on the floor to roll without an  ugly  grimace.  I managed to muttle through the struggle.  I made some moans trying to work it out on the foam roller.  Unfortunately, the foam roller didn’t seem to help but I knew it wasn’t hurting anything.  This was deeper than I thought.  I sat back down on the bench and hinged from the waist reaching down to touch my toes.   There it was, a wave of pain flooded my lower spine stemming from the center just above my but crack.  The stretch, although excruciating also felt therapeutic. Like it was offering my tight back a deep stretch,  I must find my way to the Blue-Emu cream.

Obviously I’m alive.  It’s been 3 hours since the “incident” and I’m acutely aware of my lower back which has been massaged down with Blue-Emu cream.  The initial pain is gone but it’s very tight and sensitive.  I’m guessing I bent over and threw my back out of alignment.  I have measured my feet and it appears my right leg is slightly shorter so I’m pretty positive I need chiropractic assistance.

Will I get some lecture like that I need to stretch before I make beds?   Have I reached an age where I have to warm up before I do menial tasks?

Welcome to my zero to 50 back to zero morning.  One minute I was at the top of my game and next I can barley move.  If this were to ever happen again, I promise to have a way  sexier and appealing story.

Anyway, I’m not gong to let my big old hurt back story hinder what I had planned for a new blog serious called Makeup Monday. A weekly post to get your mind motivated and fixed on the new week.

Today I will practice exactly what I initially planned to preach.  Today’s back attack forced me into a choice I knew that’s been long over due.  It’s time to make up my mind and commit to yoga or stretching.

It’s true, I’m ALMOST forty four years old.  I’m in great shape and as far as I know, in good health.  So what,  I’m not the most flexy bendy straw in the drawer?  Yes, it hurts my feelings that my body no longer stretches like rubber band and that I’ve lost some spring to my giddy up.  I can’t dwell on it I have to fix it.  I don’t have to lose it.  Being flexible is a possibility.  Use it or lose it kind of deal.

All I have to do is make up my mind to make “warm up” a bigger priority.  If I really want to be more flexible all I have to do is commit to stretching and or yoga 3 times a week.  It will be slow gradual practice but over time my muscles will respond.

What do you need to make up today? Do you need to makeup your mind to make healthier food choices?  Losing weight is a real possibility.  It’s not some unattainable dream only available to the rock star rich and famous.  It’s not the end of the world ya know?  It’s just food. You eat food every day.  Make up your mind to pick the good for you stuff.  Healthy food is just as easy to choose over bad food.  Makeup your mind to visit the grocery story deli department.  Spend some time in the pre-packed food section.  You can find boiled eggs, shredded chicken, turkey, lean cuts of ham, whole chickens, deli meat, sushi, ready made healthy salads and sandwiches for a fraction of the cost.

Make up your mind to clean up your diet.  Start today.  This adjustment will change way more than just eating habits.  It will eventually effect your weight and clothing size.  I dare you to make up your mind.

That’s all for today y’all.  I’m off to my old lady adjustment.

Love, make up your mind and shine! 

Angi xo

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