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Strictly Spontaneous

If I hadn’t already named my hubby Mr. Chicken Fry I could easily come up with several other pertinent sarcastic yet fitting titles.  One name that would certainly qualify is Mr. Spontaneous! He’s almost spontaneous to a fault.  Put it this way, in 21 years, there has hardly ever been a dull moment.  And on the rare occasion we are calm, it’s only because I have begged him for some downtime.


While on our Florida vacation, Mr. Spontaneous had a bright idea…one of many I might add! My man, wanted to leave Seagrove a day early and drive to Pensacola Beach, which would put us 2 and a half hours closer to home.  The main reason ONLY reason he wanted to leave our cozy confines the “stairway to heaven” beach home, was to see the Blue Angels fly.  His spontaneous plan seemed logical so I hopped on board and started packing my bags!

What Mr. Spontaneous didn’t know was…that his little executive decision was about to get CRAZY!

Here’s the tale!

Apparently, people come from all over to see the annual Blue Angel’s dare-devil aerial show! It’s like a MAJOR thing.  A BIG BIG BIG deal!  When we paid our bridge toll and began to pass over the top of the Pensacola bridge what our eyes saw was equal to  Daytona Beach in the 80’s.   Humans galore!  Cars, traffic, boats by the hundreds, adults, kids, flags, pedestrians, humans were everywhere and as far as the eye could see in both directions…land and sea.

Now, let’s put on a brief pause and back up for one quick second. As we were driving I made a suggestion to Mr. Spontaneous that perhaps we should look into booking a hotel room on the beach,  He’s exact words were, “Nah, let’s just play it by ear.”  Something in my spirit felt really uneasy about his lackadaisical attitude so I pulled out my trusty Ipad and began surfing.  Occasionally I would mention a hotel to which he would say, “Don’t worry about it.  Let’s just get there and see what we think.”  IT WILL BE FINE!”

For a while I would close the iPad and trust the word of my man.  Just go with it Angi.  Don’t try to control everything Angi.  Just relax Angi You’re still on vacation Angi, who cares.  But that small still quiet voice kept creeping in and my gut instinct made me open the iPad and look around.  Right before my very eyes rooms were disappearing. Was this real?  Is this just a scam to get me to purchase a crap room for $700 a night?  I casually made three phone calls to three different hotels that told me they were either sold out or had rooms left for nothing less than $650 parking lot view only.  That seemed like such a steep price for a Holiday Inn on Pensacola Beach but what do I know?!?!   Again, Mr. Spontaneous said to keep it cool, so I tried to remain calm.  At this point Mr. Spontaneous doesn’t seem bothered or concerned whatsoever.  He’s cool as a cucumber.

BUT, this all changed when we looked out at the sea of what looked like ants scattered from all across the whole entire area of Pensacola Beach. Mr. Spontaneous was as flabbergasted as I was.  The teen queen’s eyes looked like silver dollars.  Holy smokes this place was bizzzEE and bustling at 11:45am.   At this point we are in bumper to bumper traffic along the strand.  People are passing by on bikes and foot hauling coolers, kids, tents and all of their belongings to the beach.  Flags honoring the famous Blue Angels were hanging from cars, condo’s and hotel rooms.  It was like we had been dropped off in the midst of a friendly Blue Angels cult. Boats by the thousands scattered throughout the bay and beach side. Human beings strolling the streets, cars lined up!  People on hotel balconies waving with Blue Angel signs wearing Navy apparel!  It was like something out of a movie. By 12 pm it was almost grid lock

As our car crept slowly in the traffic, Mr. Spontaneous super sly says, “now which hotel had the room available? Maybe you should call them back.”  I dialed those digits faster than a speeding bullet.  “SOLD OUT”  NO MORE ROOM!

This was real.  Time was also ticking away and we needed to at least call a landing spot so we could enjoy the show.  Mr. Spontaneous whips into the nearest hotel…it was a Springhill Suites by Marriott.  A security guard greeted us just barely into the parking lot.  “Checking in?” he asks.  “Well, we sure hope to.”

“Y’all don’t have a reservation?”

“No Sir, we don’t.”

“Well you are in luck because they have one room left.  Why don’t you pull in and park and I’ll RADIO to the front desk that your coming in.”

Mr. Spontaneous nodded said thank you, rolled up the window and confidently said…”see honey, it all works out.”

I can unequivocally say, it’s NEVER BORING that’s for sure.


Unbelievable, right!!  We wheel up to the front of this bustling beach front hotel greeted with a sign welcoming the Blue Angels.  People at this point seem to be rushing, scurrying almost, all in a hurry to get outside because the show was about to begin.  Without words we know what we must do, we conquer and divide.  While I was checking in, Chicken Fry unloaded our gear.  Here are some fun facts that I learn at check in!

  1. People book this particular Saturday a year in advance to watch the Blue Angels air show.
  2. The only reason we are getting the room is because some poor family missed their comnecting flight and had to cancel.
  3. It’s the BIGGEST day of the YEAR on Pensacola Beach. 
  4. The show is starting in 10 minutes or less.

GULP!  I was seriously starting to feel extra special and blessed.

What the sweet front desk lady didn’t know was that while the half a million others who had been “advance planning” for this day, we had no knowledge of it at all.  Zilch.  While all of the other folks were rounding up sunscreen, tents, making signs,  laying out towels and beach chairs and icing down beer and water,  but NO, not us!  Me, the teen queen and Mr.Chicken Fry were blindly driving into Pensacola without any sort of plan or clue on the biggest weekend/day of the whole ever lovin YEAR!

We hurriedly made it to the room and in “mock speed” threw on swimsuits!  I was fishing for sunscreen, sunglasses and gum but there was no time.  On the bright side we were at a hotel so we didn’t have to lug the YETI.  Out the door we went/  We were sprinting like little kids at a theme park.  We made a bee line for the beach.  This next part is too good to be true!

Our toes touch the sand, we walk out on the beach which again is LOADED with humans.  Rows and rows of occupied umbrellas and chairs.  From the path way of our hotel to the beach on the VERY last row directly to the left was an empty umbrella and two chairs.  NABBING IT!  I asked the neighboring family if this was reserved.  He felt sure it was but at this point…with the Angels about to fly any second, it should be fine.   ANOTHER MIRACLE and a very happy Mr. Spontaneous!


We set our stuff down, shot this video and two minutes later the big leader plane flew right beside our hotel and down the beach!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Who does this?

We had just landed THE VERY LAST room on the biggest day of the year, made it to the beach with minutes to spare, hooked up two chairs and an umbrella…and now it seems that our hotel is the epiCENTER of the show?!?!?!  Mr. Spontaneous WINS!!! 

Look at these guys FLY!  WORTH IT would be an understatement.  The heroine stunts are like nothing I have ever seen.  The sound, the pressure, is astounding.  I was literally moved to tears every time they flew low and close which was the majority of the two hour show.  I had an overwhelming response and couldn’t stop the tears.  I’m not sure if it was patriotism or the most amazing gut wrenching stuff I have ever seen…but I was so moved.  I also felt so insignificant.  These guys who train to exact precision, with one wrong move causes catastrophe, is mind-blowing.  It’s invigorating but all I could do was smile while the tears rolled down my face.

I highly recommend that you start planning a trip to see this show.  BOOK NOW!  Every single American needs to see these pilots perform.  BOOK NOW!  The force,  warp speeds, literally makes the ground shake.  BOOK NOW!  The rumble and feeling is beyond words. These photos that I caught on my iPhone are nothing compared to the real thing.  It can’t do justice to a live version of these phenom renegade pilots.  BOOK NOW!



After the show we layed in the sun and enjoyed our last day at the beach.  We spoke with some southern gentlemen who referred us to a cool restaurant about 3 miles up the road.  They also gave us a HUGE hint on how to get there with little headache! In Pensacola there is an underground golf cart service similar to uber but it’s FREE!  It’s called Gopher Carts!  No cost, no charge, tips only!   You’re welcome!  

We took the advice and went to Peg Leg Pete’s on the bay!  This local marina casual dining spot was perfect but as expected was standing room only.  Hello…the biggest day of the YEAR!  I still couldn’t wrap my mind around what all we had managed to pull off.  In any case, the wait was 2 hours long even at 8:30pm.  We wandered into the bar and pounced right when we saw three people paying their tab.  Dinner at the bar and what do you know we also made some friends!  Fighting for the seats at the bar I made friends with a lovely family who comes to Pensacola Beach every year for decades.  It’s a family passed down tradition.   The food at Peg Leg Pete’s lived up its stellar reputation.  The grilled fish platter was amazing and the fried calamari may be the best I have ever had!

The Springhill Marriott was great by the way.  I did a quickie hotel workout (click here to view it and USE it)  then enjoyed a complimentary all you can eat buffet breakfast spread!  Now, I’m not a buffet person but the MARRIOTT had it going on in the COFFEE department. Click here for never seen before up and coming coffee rap sensation super star!  I was jubilant to see a buffet of very GIANT coffee dispensers full of hot hotel coffee! BONUS!

Our one day adventure was fast, furious, spontaneous and one for the Abercrombie record books!

A 10 gun salute to the US Navy and the Blue Angels. What a 24 hour whopper.  Thank you Mr. Chicken Fry for your lovable, charismatic ideas that always make the BEST memories.


Love, travel and don’t sweat the hassle!





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