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Trainer -Q&A

Summer has finally kicked into that perfect rhythm.  I’m currently somewhere between  ♥LOVING it, CALM, and completely surrendered. I could stay right here for several more months and be so content.  I will be soaking up the next 26 days like a dry sponge.

Speaking of soaking things in, I got something for ya!  A little blurb from my question and answer session with a recent group of fresh female college freshman.    It is completely useful to any target market and I wanted to pass it along.  It’s my hope that they and YOU will soak up every word then get your butt in gear and put it into practice! 

Enquiring minds want to know.  I get a ton of questions from readers, friends, strangers and social media followers about this whole “living healthy” gig I got going on.  Questions usually include diet woes, workout routines and other FITness related queries.  Here are my honest to gosh answers.

Q: What are my feelings pertaining to caffeine, coffee and sodas. 

Angi:  This question almost made me blow warm coffee through my nose!  YES, dear friends, I DRINK COFFEE.  Every morning I drink a hefty two,  two and half cups a day.   Girls, I’m drinking COFFEE!  Coffee with a touch of skim milk and honey.  I’m NOT drinking the fancy frappa mocha latte double twist with caramel swirls and whip cream.   The only thing I see wrong with a cup of coffee is the stain damage to the teeth.   But honey, that’s why we have ZOOM and other great teeth whiteners of the world. This is why Trident WHITE gum is a staple.

Aside from teen staining, soda and diet colas are a HUGE no no.  I gave up my daily diet coke addiction approximately 6 years ago without a single relapse.  Drinking soda is equal to pouring battery acid straight down your wind pipe onto your organs.  How’s that for a visual!   Soda and diet sodas are LOADED with sugar, fake sugar, and a slew of other highly unnatural ingredients which purpose is to make you crave other bad processed junk.

On a rare occasions, usually on a wild power shopping spree, I will pop into a Starbuck’s and order an iced tea.  In the winter, I might have a green tea to warm up in the middle of the afternoon.  My caffeine intake is predominately sectioned off to morning hours.

Q: Can wine and workouts be friends?

Angi: You can be friends with exercise and wine…but I strongly recommend that you don’t hang out with them at same time. Wine is a tasty relaxing liquid but also a sugary calorie sucker.  It’s better than a frozen margarita but sweet sister, there is a reason it’s called the WINE WAIST!  People seeking impactful results should abstain from wine. Wine in large doses can wreck a workout regimen.  As can sugary mixed drinks and BEER!!!  The reason is, wine/alcohol has a sneaky way of sucking you into “one more glass” which only adds to your ass. Wine seems all warm and friendly but the next day can make you cranky and lethargic because after all it’s a depressant.  So, while in weight loss mode, wine should be reserved for very special planned cheat meal type of experiences. Getting out of the habit of daily drinking is a hassle BUT in the long run it will help you maintain a LEAN FIT physique.

Q: Do you workout everyday?

Angi: I workout at least 6 days a week. Sometimes 7!img_2311

Q: Do you lift weights everyday?

Angi: I do…BUT… I lift heavy one day then the next day I do lighter weights with more reps. (More about this below – last question)

Q: In your workout videos, it doesn’t appear that you sweat when you lift weights, is this true?

Angi: laugh out loud…I’m from a long like perspirators!! I’m a full-blown big time sweater. However,  I workout in an air-conditioned gym therefore I may not drip giant sweat droplets during a lift session but my heart rate is definitely high on the mark.  Cardio is a total different story.  I sweat from every crevice!   It’s like a small detox when I hit my stride.  But guess what,   sweat makes you sparkle!

Q: How often do you do cardio?

Angi: I try to incorporate some type of cardio at least 5 days a week.

Q: What type of cardio?

Angi: I’ll try anything!  I like to mix it up.  I’m not great at running.  So to say I “run” would not be a whole truth.  I jog/power walk ALOT!  I try to get outside and do this at least twice a week.  I glean some cardio hours from a stationary spin bike and elliptical.  I usually watch the news, listen to a pod cast or call a friend and catch up.  I say do whatever works and makes you happy!

Q: Do you think dedicated CARDIO is mandatory ?

Angi:  This all depends on the goal.  If the goal is to lose weight, lifting weights burns FAT. Making changes in diet and adding two or three days of cardio is not what I would call mandatory but it’s not a bad idea.   Cardiovascular exercise helps sustain a healthy heart and is quite beneficial.  It will also help the process of losing weight happen a little faster but is not mandatory per say.

Q: Do you need gym equipment for your virtual FITness program?


Angi: My 6 week exercise program does assume you have access to a few things and or a gym.  The basic necessities are dumbbells, stable bench or chair, and gusto driven attitude. Look at these two.  One from Chicago and the other from Cali!  Gotta love it!


Q: Say someone needs to lose 30 pounds…where do they begin?

Angi: They begin right where they are.  The mind must be made up and ready to do the work. They should approach each workout, cardio or training session as a practice.   Only perfecting their overall health.  Once newbies get three weeks under their belt they hit a stride and starting feeling better.  MORE CONFIDENT! It doesn’t matter where they begin but that they start something.  Jumping jacks, push ups, join a gym, walk with a friend, make better food choices.  JUST BEGIN something different.

Q: How important is the D-word…diet?

Angi: It’s right up there with Jesus and prayer!  It’s the fundamental backbone of transformation. The biggest misconception in my opinion is the phrase “I’m on a diet.”  This usually means someone has been sold on a trendy cleanse, fad diet and or old-fashioned starvation tactics. Diet is what you eat!  It’s anything you put into your body!  The more you eat (healthy nutritious foods) the better your body will perform.  It’s all about turning your metabolism into a fat melting machine. Feeding the body good healthy high protein low carb food every time you feel hungry.  This only aids in speeding up the metabolism which is the GOAL!

The biggest mistake college freshman make is they stop exercising.  Walking to class is not enough unless you have a MINT condition diet!  The second is eating crap junk food before and after binge drinking!  It’s like the worst thing you can do to jack up the metabolism.  Eating processed fried fast food at all hours of the day is bad.  Stock the mini frig with vegetables and fruits for healthy snacking.  Eat before you go out!!!  Find the student workout facility and USE IT!  It’s FREE and you can meet like-minded hot guys!  lol

Q: Do you recommend eating 6 small meals a day?


Angi: I stick to what I know. A hungry body is a healthy body. The body usually sends a signal that it’s time to eat.  Weather that’s 5 or 8 times a day really doesn’t consume me.  Eating about every 2.5 to 3 hours is healthy. It means your body is doing its thing!

I also recommend eating healthy foods that you like.  If you hate cooked carrots or steamed asparagus, then don’t eat it.  If you like chicken, pork and steak but detest turkey and tuna then for heaven’s sake don’t order it.   Find healthy foods that you actually enjoy.  Avocados,  nuts, rice, potatoes, eggs, salsa, fajita, salads, fish etc and mow down. Don’t corner yourself into brown rice, eggs and salad.  There are plenty of great protein sources to glean from!

Q: Do I ever cheat?  Do I have a cheat meal or cheat week?


Angi:  I have my metabolism set on high-speed mode.  I eat a very high protein low carb diet year around so when I deem a food group or meal cheat worthy, I dig in guilt free.  I FITget about it.    My body metabolizes the chocolate chip cookie or pizza so fast it ‘s like I didn’t even have it.

Q: What is your take on supplements?  

Angi:  Supplements can help anyone who is deficient in a specific area.  For instance, my body doesn’t seem to produce sufficient amounts of biotin.  I take daily doses of Biotin for my skinny hair.  I think natural fat burners and appetite suppressant are an OK way to get someone the right track but NOT something that should be RELIED on to do the work. This healthy living gig is a lifestyle boys and girls…not a  quick game of hide and seek.   TRUHealth is my highest recommendation for a total package supplement.

Q: What kind of response have you had with virtual training?

Angi:  SUCCESSFUL LIFE altering response!  It’s the best part of my job!  My non fancy virtual program has been so worth the time and effort I put into building the program.  I never doubted it would work.  It’s just a matter of getting people to bite the bullet and commit.   TRUST, the 6 week program because it is a total body transformation.  All of the fine, NOW FIT, folks who have milked it, and worked it for all its worth are reaping the rewards!  My clientele now spans from California to Florida.  Gals all over the United States have lost weight and gained confidence and lean muscle.


I have technology to thank.  Technology is so cool because it allows me the opportunity to work with people despite the fact they aren’t physically coming into my gym space.  We, text, face time, send videos, send emails and it works.  I hold all of my FITastic clients accountable regardless of where they are in the world.   Ain’t life grande?  I train girls at Texas A&M, Arizona State, Alabama, Auburn, SMU and TCU.  Stay on track where ever you are build FITness into your weekly routine.

Q: Do you ever get tired of eating healthy?


Angi: Do consistent junk food eaters get sick of eating crap, unhealthy food?  I guess not or they wouldn’t eat it right?!?!  The answer is NEVER!  Why would I get tired of eating coconut and fresh fruit??  It’s a way of life!  I’m not on a diet.  I don’t deprive myself of anything.  I eat for energy, for health and for a long life!  The more (nutritious) foods I eat the better I feel!  Do you get tired of feeling awesome?

Q: What empowers or inspires you to keep FIT?

Angi: This list is long.  First and foremost is my health.  Second, to be a “healthy” role model for my teenage daughter and all of my younger girls (like you) that visit my studio gym.   Third, the RESULTS! .  I like the FIT look!  Sleek lean muscles and chiseled abs!  I view the body like a piece of art!  Every time I lift weights I’m a sculptor chiseling and carving out muscle.  I’m in control of how I shape my muscles.  I love that!  Completely empowering!  I’m an artist constantly working on my canvas.

Lastly… walking the walk and talking the talk is my job!  I’m obsessed!  It wouldn’t even feel right if as the instructor if I wasn’t in great shape.  It would be like going to a hair dressor that had a horrendous hair do.  Know what I’m saying?!?!


Q: Earlier you spoke about a training day vs an exercise day,  what’s the difference?  

Angi: I view a rigorous training day as a heavy lifting day.  On a heavy day all of the exercises that I perform are with heavy weights and low reps.  On a movement day, I still lift weights but I’m not doing “heavy” that would put major stress and break down the muscle like on a heavy lifting day. my exercise days are more like resistance training days.  I use bands, med balls and high intensity interval training (HIIT) movements that keep my heart rate up!

Q: Why is this important?

Angi: Example…Right now I’m in hot pursuit to build muscle in my hamstrings.  Therefore I’m working on lifting heavy to increase the size of my hamstrings.  So heavy lifting in my hamstrings is vital to build and strengthen that muscle.

Are you ready to invest in your health and transform your body?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Start here.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, laugh and always ASK!

Angi xo



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