Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Sharp Shooter

Happy Monday sharp shooters.  How was your weekend?

Here in north Texas it turned bitter cold.  Temperatures in the 28-31 range with a chance of sleet. Chill is back in the air and I’m so OVER IT!

But lucky for you this post is not about the erratic weather.

Today is an opportunity for me to grandstand while waving a giant red white and blue American flag humming the National Anthem.   No, I’m not an olympic medalist but I’m now an official card-carrying LTC (licence to carry) red-blooded American girl.  (this is upon completing the finger print process and paper work but I won’t bore you with the logistics.)  

It sounds so powerful and cool and trust me, it is!

Folks, I felt like a hot mess at the gun range. I’m so use to being Miss large and in charge in the gym.  I’m the knower and the example but this weekend I was the student getting schooled in firearm etiquette, safety, form, technique and concentration.  I like being the student for a change. Check out a former post called TARGET PRACTICE. 

I’m evolving and exercising my constitutional right to bear arms.  My second amendment right to own and carry a firearm.  To get a LTC, license to carry, in Texas, one must complete a four and half hour class and written examination.  Followed by a 50 round shooting test from various distances.  Guess what, I PASSED!  I was in a class with 5 of my peers and one heck of an instructor.  Mr. J.B. Rice from Houston, Texas was professional, calm and covered all of the pertinent fire arm information one must understand.

Y’all, using a fire arm is no joke.  It takes great skill, practice and strength.  Shoulder and core strength are mandatory even though adrenaline kicks in and ramps everything up. Adrenaline is a beautiful thing when harnessed in a positive reactionary direction.  Firearm training takes poise for precision. This is something that over time I will have to correct and work on!

What I do know is that shooting a handgun is muscle memory to the max. Unlike in the movies, a lot goes into handling and managing a hand gun.  Stressing the emphasis on “a lot!”  While it may not count as actual cardio, it does, in my book, count as a semi-rigorous activity that most certainly burns calories.  Blood is flowing, the heart is rapidly beating and you have to engage with focus and brawn.  Be the boss of the fire arm.  Girls, pistols pack a punch

While shooting a firearm isn’t completely out of my wheel house, knowing all of the intricate details have never been my job or forte.  In the past, Mr. Chicken Fry would kindly load my weapon and once I was finished, he would unload, clean it and put it away.  Basically how his royal highness is treated at home in everyday real life.  Mr. Chicken Fry throws everything on the floor and I pick it up, clean it and put it away again. But I still love ya babe!

I’m no seasoned veteran when it comes to form, posture, and man handling a weapon.  But like a beginner new to working out or FITness it has to be rehearsed over and over so that eventually it becomes second nature.

My thumb placement was all wrong and according to the instructor I was trigger heavy!  Not happy…heavy!  I have the same problem when it comes to the right pedal in my car   (So sue me)


Our class met at EAGLE Gun Range in Farmers Branch, TX But before I could shoot, I had to learn all of the things.  How to load the magazine, cock the gun to chamber a bullet, and release the safety.  I also had to perfect releasing the magazine and proper gun placement upon resting.  While all of that doesn’t sound like much, it seemed like pressure when the heat of take a test was on the line.  NERVES!!    I was nervous at first because the space is so loud.

Folks, let’s get one thing straight, there is no “Charlies Angels” theme music playing in the back ground of a gun range.  There is no hair blowing in the wind, ready, aim, fire with a cute hip pop. There are however, very loud sharp sounds and flying bullet casings.  It’s a no horse-play kind of arena.  Which is why you are not allowed into the area without eye protection and ear plugs.

I was properly educated on stance, sighting, positioning my hands and arms. I felt like such a rookie. Relax, breathe, release tension from the shoulders while simultaneously pushing and pulling with my hands to keep the gun steady.  Breathe and gently squeeze the trigger.  I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy.  I was shooting a 9 millimeter Glock.  That sounds so official right?!

The hot topics highlights in my words are that guns don’t stutter.  Firearms don’t go off unless a finger is on the trigger. Therefore, if you plan to fire a gun you best be prepared.  If you plan to own a gun you best be prepared to store it properly under lock and key.  You don’t play with guns.


So get this, one of the lovely ladies in our class had never shot a handgun ever in her life.  She was a little apprehensive about doing it but when it was her turn she was a NATURAL!  A true steady DIVA.  She literally shot round after round as calm and as collected as a professional.  WHATEVER…I hate her? (lol)  It was so thrilling and incredible to watch.  She was completely in the zone and shot a perfect score on the test and slayed everyone!!!  You go girl!    

True to form Mr. Chicken Fry displayed a calm cool vibe and scored just below the winner.  Ouch, does that sound harsh!  lol  He had a few firing seizures midway but still had excellent marksmanship.  Notice he was a little off to the left side.  I seemed to maintain a center of gravity but my bullets strayed more parallel but I still passed.


In our class, we learned where we can and take a concealed or open carry hand gun.  We  learned about signage and penal codes.  The most interesting section of the class was the legal jargon.  Firearm laws, rights and legal protection and ramification in the event of an actual shooting. Did you know there is a difference between robbery and burglary? Who knew?   Texas Law Shield.  is an insurance law coverage available to the public whether you pull the trigger or not and it has a 24/7 attorney emergency hotline.  This type of legal protection is a smart choice with minimal yearly membership dues.


As FITness instructor, I teach and preach the value of repetition. Owning a firearm is exactly the same way.  It’s imperative to keep practicing and shooting to learn the firearm and get comfortable with the grip and feel.  All guns have a certain amount of recoil and blow back.  Learning how to manage it without anticipating the fire and line up the sights is a skill that can be improved over time.

I’m a fan of almost everything exercise.  You name it.  Running, weight training, barre, kick boxing, tennis, snow skiing, hiking, biking, and water sports.  You plan it and I will attempt it.  I’m all about diversity and now ritual target practice is on my monthly fitness regimen.  I have a long way to go but I’m up for the task.

Remember anything new is a hassle before it becomes a habit.  ~ Angi Abercrombie

My classmates were so unplayful.  They had virtually no personality whatsoever and  lacked in charisma.  It was a snooze fest and so boring with these people because they barely had anything funny or intelligent to add.  I think we drove our trusted instructor to drink.  While there was sporadic warranted entertainment, we all treated the information like the serious responsibility it is. Gun ownership is a right and privilege and should not be taken lightly.  Like your health and wellness, the art of living a clean lifestyle is a mandatory complex process.

Don’t mess with Texas or any of us because we could be packing!  Know your rights and find friends who take firearms seriously.  Friends who have friends with firearms.  You heard it here first folks.  Welcome this troop to the gun club 2018!  #abercrombiefitnessapproved

Love, have fun but be safe and smart with a gun!  




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