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The year of the earring (two workout videos included)

Hello and Happy belated Valentines day love bugs.

One of my most fond Valentine moments was the year I got my ears pierced.

Do you remember the day you got your ears pierced?

Some females don’t have a rejoiced recollection because they didn’t get a say so. There is no memory of the procedure because it was done in the infancy stage. For others like me, it was a long-awaited, right of passage!!


My mom made beg and bargain because she wanted it to be “special.”  I think around 10 years of age it was the magic number and alas, I finally got two holes punched through my fatty little ear lobes.  In less than 10 seconds, I had two glistening gold balls proving to myself that I was officially cool enough.  For what, my 5th grade Valentine party! I think I wore my hair in a pony tail for weeks on end modelling my new ear art.

However, my Valentine bubble was swiftly burst when I found out that there was an earring waiting period.  Girls are not allowed to just start wearing the newest fashion in darling earrings straight out of the gate. In my case it was going to be cute red & pink heart studs. To my dismay, there is a very labor intensive 6 week process of cleaning and turning, cleaning and turning and there is also very special ear lobe solution.  One must follow these guidelines or else the ear lobe could become infected and in turn, the hole could potentially grow back together.  And in some cases this does happen.  Just ask my teen queen who has been to the ear salon four times because she didn’t, can’t, won’t, hasn’t abided by the ear pierce law. (sigh)

Once a girl can get past the gruesome 6 week phase one is finally free to express their true affliction of earrings.  Unless…of course you’re ten years old and mom has just given you the strict “no dangle earrings until 9th grade” chat.  Talk about a fun extinguisher!  Really?  I was only allowed to wear the basics. Colorful shapes and shiny studs were my only options. The waiting continued.

Angi, does your little reminiscent stroll have a point?


Calm down Cupid, why yes it does! My point is this, as some point girls mature and begin to change out earrings to match and highlight their wardrobe accordingly.  After a year or less of practice, having earrings or the act of wearing earrings becomes second nature. Taking earrings in and out, on and off is done without a single thought.

A seasoned earring veteran can run in high heels across a parking lot while putting in her favorite ear candy.  It can be done while blindfolded, dancing, underwater, under pressure or hanging upside down. Earrings can be dismantled during a deep sleep in REM phase.  What was once a total ordeal of holding the earring in place while strategically struggling to match up the back of the earring is no longer a THING!

All it takes is practice.  Daily practice. Wearing a new set of earrings every day not only keeps the ear lobes delightfully decorated but conditions the hand eye coordination!

Love bugs, welcome to the wide world of FITness. To be FIT and healthy takes a little want to and will power.  A little burning flame like the young girl who so badly wants to get her ears pierced.  You can ride on Cupid’s cloud but you have suck up a little pinch and pressure to get there. You can do it.  You have to turn down and entire cup cake for a bite!  You have to choose healthy over fatty and cheesy.  You have to cut our greasy fried foods in lieu of vegtables, brown rice and lean meats.  Do it becuase you LOVE yourself and you want to live LONG TIME!  (insert DUCK DONG voice)



By the time I was old enough to get my ears pierced the “needle gun” was a trend.  A quick punch with the gun needle was faster and supposedly less painful.  The gun which was next to my ear was loud and made a very pronounced click noise and I remember it stung like a bee. Suddenly both of my ear lobes had a heartbeat. For about three days, my lobes were sore! NO pain no gain right girls?

Starting a new FITness workout regimen is going to suck and bruise at first.   It’s going to sting and maybe even hurt your feelings because you will recognize how out of shape you’ve been.  But listen up sweet heart, the last thing you want is for the fat to grow back. You have to push and twist and turn and keep moving your body to work off the weight!

Before long…if you consistently abide by the rules you will lose inches and perhaps drop a size or two.

You have to change-up your activity level and keep it fresh.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and start with the fancy moves. Keep it simple and basic. Stick with cardio fat blasting moves like squats, lunges, bicep curls, triceps dips, push ups, law mowers, shoulder presses, hip thrusts and deadlifts. Planks, crunches, and sit ups create a tight lean core!

The better you become at push ups the faster the fat melts.  The more you lunge and squat holding weights the quicker the muscles adapt and shrink the fat.  The more high protein low carb foods you consume the hotter and higher your metabolism will burn.  Before too long, working out is like brushing your teeth.  Soon you will be ready to graduate to BOSU balance moves, suspended pull ups, hand stands and more! Strength takes time. But when you practice, it becomes an ingrained part of your day/week and you don’t want to part with it. Like your go to favorite pair of earrings, working out makes you feel and look better.  It adds color to your skin and years to your life.  Eating healthy foods is good for your heart and waist line.


In celebration of cupid, draw your bow and aim for heart healthy choices.  Love on your body with chicken, pork, kale, carrots, edamame, grilled Fish, sushi, and a whole lot more!

Need some help in that department?  I offer a meal plan that is designed for results.  It’s not fancy or difficult.  You just have to do it.  Actively participate.

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This series

What are some of your favorite Valentine memories?  Please leave a comment and share your story.

Love, Love and give a hug!  

Angi xo

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