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Lite Chicken Salad

I’m sooo over it. Tell me you are too!

I’m so worn on winter foods.  I’m tired of preparing the same o’le stuff.  It doesn’t feel very Spring like in Texas and my taste buds are hankering for some fresh Spring-ish foods.

Activation imagination. I had to pretend yesterday that it was 80 degrees outside just to get the motivation to make my favorite chicken salad. How does a zesty lite chicken salad sound? Yummy right?

In a matter of 15 minutes you too can have a low-fat, royalty worthy, colorful lite chicken salad ready to eat. Make it a meal prep Monday staple and have it ready to munch on all week-long. Make sandwiches, dip it, spread it or eat it out of the bowl with a fork.

What I love most about spring and summer salads is you can have it your way….unless your way is FATTY! No can do this time of year. We can’t afford the high EXTRA calorie content of mayo, oils and dressings. It’s crunch time beautiful you.

This is your bright bold green light to swimsuit season y’all. The hibernation time is over. Come out come out where ever you are and start eating green and living lean.

I stole this recipe from a dear friend and wrote about a while back. Have a look…Guy vs Girl Party

Chicken salad Angi’s way:

Roasted / shredded / or canned chicken


Sliced grapes


Minced garlic

Sliced boiled eggs

Salt and pepper

Fresh squeezed lime juice


Optional items:



Pecans walnuts or sliced almonds

I repeat, there is not mayo or creamy high calorie dressing or oil mixed in this bowl. I’m not having it. This is a seriously healthy protein rich chicken salad. It’s not bland or dry so don’t start judging it before you’ve tried it.

The jalapeño and cilantro give it a kick while the robust grapes add a wee bit of sweetness.  You can’t knock it until you make it and see for yourself.

If you prefer sunflower seeds or pine nuts over the almonds or walnuts those would also be on the Abercrombie FITness approved food list. Cucumbers would also add a crisp texture to the salad but to each his own.

I’m eating good this week y’all.

How about you? How do you like your chicken salad? 

Perhaps you are more of a tuna salad kind of gal. I can totally dig into some tuna salad. For me…I make my tuna salad with more of a Mexican flare. I add tomatoes, corn, sweet relish, boiled egg and season with salt and pepper. It’s delightful.

Love, eat clean and live lean!



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