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The FITting room: Ski Season

Do these goggles make my butt look big? Lol

Where are all of my active snow sport fans?

Any ski bums, snow bunnies, or snow boarders in the house?  And forgive me, but what is the proper terminology? Do I just say boarders?? Do I even need to add snow to the front of boarders?  I don’t have a clue what to call these sled monkeys….I mean expert board connoisseurs!

Any who… anyone ever been to Telluride, CO?

We are offiially “vacationing” in Telluride for the Christmas holiday and I’m gearing up for some serious ski ACTION! (We all know that ski trip and vaca are NOT synonymous).

Mr. Chicken Fry has been dreaming of a white CHRISTmas for several years. Which is why he has graciously planned a chilly Abercrombie Adventure and I’m over the top excited to visit a new ski resort with highend terrain.

EVEN though I hate cold weather and even though I can’t stand to be cold…I do love to snow ski.  I MEAN I LOVE IT.  Last February I wrote a blog post about my ski wardrobe collection.   This will be our third time to ski in 16 years and that being said, I have been slowl collecting pieces. Below are some of my must have finds and Amazon purchases.  I have been working the sales like it’s my day job!

Last year I purchased a lot of our gear from Amazon.  They have some sweet deals to hot not to share with my besties.  #tellonlyyourbestfriends

From Doug and Lynda’s ski shop in McKinney, TX we purchased three top of the line Giro ski helmets.  Doug and Lynda’s apparel was featured at the annual ski expo in Dallas!  972-542-0214.  Ask for Terry, Brad or Kim.  This 40 plus year ski retailer has no online presence but they know the market.  Family owned and operated for over 40 yers!

I wear a kids small helmet. The teen queen wears an adult medium and Mr. Chicken Fry wears a Mens Large.  The teen queen and Chicken Fry have the latest and greatest tricked out helmets.  Check out the newest in helmet technology.  An insert and covering for your ear buds!  Not to mention the button back closure to hold your goggles in place and the vent to open or close for air!

My ski jacket (Rosiggnal Depart) was ordered from Doug and Lynda’s as well as some goodies below.  This jacket kept me cozy and they still have it in black and white! I love the banded hand sleeves with the thumb hole and the snow protection waist band!  The entire hood and the fur is removable with one easy zipper!  img_3253img_3251

We purchased Mr. Chicken Fry a whole new get up from Doug and Lynda’s ski shop back in September! Check out his new duds!

He purchased an O’NEIL Ski jacket and pants.  Bright and bold so I can’t lose him!

Next up snow boots.  After ski, before ski or basic overall wear them to town…it was time to invest in a snow boot.  I found these woen’s Columbia which is great buy but decided to go with the Globalwin below because of the fur contrast.

Womens Columbia Snow Boot

“>GLOBALWIN WOMENS SNOW BOOTS have a five star rating on AMAZON.  I ordered these which were $10 less than the the Columbia.  I love the faux fur combo against the black.  Also these boots come in half sizes which is a must for my flat narrow foot! I bet I will never take them off.

The teen queen liked these white ARTIC SHIELD snow boots.  They come in a variety of colors but only whole sizes.  There are alot of color choices and schematics.  I believe the quality of these will have longevity and at least a 10 year plus warranty given that we only ski twice a year.


The $17.99 sticker price on the goggles is unbeatable not to mention the superior quality!  It’s a no brainer.  And for all of you Smith or Oakley people…bugger off…these goggles are the bomb and work just fine!


I want to look dope on the slopes!  How untamed do you think I will be in these??


These are so fun and the FIT is roomy – not too snug.  I’m wearing a size 2 but they run big!  The inside of the pant is fleece lined.

 Blue Emu  is without a doubt the best buy for sore muscles, chapped skin, chaffing or irritated skin from ski boots.  This cream will take away swelling and help tired tender muscle and help with muscle cramps.  It is an odor less cream and it doesn’t have a minted stinging or icy hot component.  It works!

 Are these not so cheery and bright for the blue runs? The color is so vibrant and easy to spot!  I like /want to be identifiable! In case of an avalancehe…


I like the nifty all of the Obermeyer pants have the built in snow protection cover to fit over your ski boots!  This is so key and mandatory.  The inside of the bond pants are fleece but not heavy.  Warm and super flexible to allow movement and mobility in all directions. img_3343.jpgimg_3344.jpgimg_3342

Swany Ladies Touch Screen Arctic Mitt

Touch screen gloves on the mountain are a real and true thing.  Do you all have any idea how many times I want to check on my teenager….   Yall thought I was going to say put something on my insta story didn’t you?  Well yeah…that too!  Anyway…I freeze and these suckers kept my fingers pretty darn toasty!  Which is a miracle!

Men’s Swany Touch Screen Artic Mitt

HAND, BODY and TOE WARMER VALUE PACK – ESSENTIAL ITEM! Cheaper to buy and take on your trip than to point of purchase in a tourist environment.

Ski Check List

Gloves/ MITTENS – I’m a mittens girl!  

base layer/cold gear





pull over zip up


wool socks

snow boots

Perhaps you are looking to tone up or lose weight before your next ski adventure.  Start here with a challenging 6 week workout program.  12 workouts plus a meal plan.  Get stronger, increase energy and be ready to hit the slopes in stride.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, ski and be FREE!


If you missed some previous posts from last month…check them out below. MERRY CHRISTmas, Happy Holidays and SEASONS GREETINGS YALL!

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