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The FIT-ting room: Ski Edition

Spring break, in our neck of the woods, is less than three weeks away. Over here, I have been busy GEAR-ing up for another Abercrombie rocky mountain adventure.  We are creatures of habit and when it works well why mess up a good thing. I’m beyond eager to  be back in Breckenridge for another successful “work trip!”

Snow sporting, if not, should be a validated work trip.  In fact it is literally the ONLY time that my tennis shoes and dedicated workout clothes will not make appearances in the hollows of my suitcase.  The only piece of active wear that will be found is a seriously snug sports bra.  There is no need for any extra.  The real workout begins the second we start toting around the heavy bags, clothes, ski boots and shushing and mogaling our way down the mountain in the ALTITUDE!  (click here to see a quick peak at last years last-minute adventure)

I guess you could say that the three of us caught the ski bum bug in a mighty way.  So for a year now we have been saving and planning for another family ski excursion.

Snow skiing is not for the weary and it’s not cheap. Everyone has to be outfitted with some form of new or used ski gear.  There are soooo many layers. Head to toe layers…for three people…and between us all we have is some mismatched wool socks and hats. (At some point in our married life we were fully outfitted in this department but we gave it all away).

And so, I have been busy shopping and scouring the internet for hot deals and good buys.  I came to grips that we can’t all have it all RIGHT NOW!  Each year we can build upon our ski clothes closet because there is a grandiose expense in this area.  I keep telling Mr. Chicken Fry…it’s an INVESTMENT!  It’s an investment.

I made a list of things that we need (which is all of it) and made an executive decision.  Mr. Chicken Fry will take one for the team and once again borrow EVERYTHING!  Meanwhile me and the teen queen will collect coats and gloves.  My first cool find was this slim fit warm ski jacket and ski pants from Peter Glenn .

I’m not entirely sure I’m mature enough for this Rosiggnol Ski Jacket in white but just look at this CA-UTE printed ski pants by Obermeyer.

Aren’t they fun and funky fresh and remind you of the BEACH!!?!?!  Yes, they are loud and yes they were a tad pricey even on sale but…I’ll be easy to spot in a snow storm! I’m not some super sonic fashionishista on the slopes…the main thing I care about is WARMTH!

Speaking of warmth…I’ll also be packing my ever coveted gold flask and a tiny bottle of Fireball! The only time I actually sip on any type of hard liquor, strictly used as a warming agent on an open high-speed chair.

I’m pairing all of these goodies with a borrowed base layer…HOT CHILI’s and old Under Armour turtle necks and fleece pull overs. On the slopes I’m not afraid of neon colors. I love how this white coat and pants leaves me endless possibilities to color coordinate under garments in black, pink, blue, purple or mint green.  I will absolutely be packing all five of my vinyasa scarves. They are so handy and help keep my face warm and tinted cc cream off of the white jacket. I have white, purple, blue, black, white and pink! No doubt the teen queen will be using one too.

I found the teen queen a super steal at Sun and Ski Sports.  This baby by Billabong was 25% off SCORE!  I tried to talk her into a different color other than white but was not having it.  The teen queen will be paring her white coat with borrowed ski pants in black and maroon.  Under base layers in black and white to keep it simple with accent colors in the vinyasa scarf.

On Amazon I purchased ski mittens for me and the other girl.  I got a great buy on these Swany Mittens with screen touch technology. I battle cold hands and fingers without the frigid cold elements.  Mittens keep your fingers close together and therefore warmer.  These mittens feature the zip pocket to insert a heat pad element if needed.  (I usually need in the Winter…not so much in the Spring.


I will wear IT CC cream every day on the slopes to protect my skin from sun and wind burn.  I love it because it’s sweat and water proof.

I had a genius idea…me and the teen queen share an expensive pair of Hunter rain boots that barely get used. Why not make these a dual snow boot? For $30 I purchased the fleece sock liners. Wearing a thin sock we can slide in and use these as a walk around town boot. Will be super cute with leggings and or skinny jeans.

Now surely y’all know that I didn’t leave Mr. Chicken Fry completely high and dry. Heck nah. We found him a sweet deal on these Sorel after ski boots at Sun and Ski sports. Regularly $170 marked down to $99.00.


So here are my packing essentials for a ski trip.

Packing List 

Uggs (wear on plane)

Fur Coat (wear on plan)

Blue-Emu for soothing sore muscles  – MUST HAVE

Swim suit for hot tub after ski time

Snow shoes or show boots

Fleece hats and scarves

Leggings, sweaters and jeans

TCU baseball hat for lunch time / happy hour to conceal my helmet hair.

Flask or Canteen

Quest Protein bars for good recharge protein to keep the metabolism humming.


The best Pre-ski exercises

Mountain Climbers (duh)

lunging for 30 seconds to 1 minute on each leg

run hills and or sprints

jump rope starting at a minute and work up to 3 minutes

Single leg squats

side to side laterl jumps or ladder work

jump lunges

tricep dips


Lodging – The Grand Lodge at Peak 7

This five-star ski and ski out is perfect for a family trip to the mountains.  The Grand Lodge is nestled mid mountain and 25 paces away from a full spa, restaurant, hot tub, ski rental and quad speed chair lift.  It’s only a 3 minute shuffle ride to Main Street Breckenridge and the Gondola. The town of Breckenridge offers a wide variety of shopping, dining options and fun.  Our two bedroom two bath condo comes with a fully stocked kitchen.  We typically wake, eat a big breakfast and ski lights all day long stopping only for bathroom and beer breaks. (told ya it was a work trip)  I have aspirations of pre-planning a big pot of turkey chili or Hobo stew to but it never seems to happen.

We ski, we happy hour, we hot tub, we eat and go to sleep!  REST AND REPEAT!

We are not big go out at night folks after a long day of winter sports.  But…just in case I will pack a pair of jeans and cute sweater for an in town soirée.  Otherwise it’s pizza delivery, or chinese take out by the fire in our condo.

This year we are traveling by plane, American Airlines direct flight to Denver.

We use Main Street Sports in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Super competitive pricing and good demo ski gear.

See ya on the slopes suckers!!!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy Spring Break. As for me…COUNTING DOWN the days!!!

Love, breath and ski!



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