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Abercrombie & FITness: Spicy Corn

Does your holiday spread need a little dolling up?  Are you tired of the same-ole same -ole casseroles and traditional dishes?

There is not anything particulary fufu or uber special about the following recipe other than it’s spicy and EASY like Sunday morning to make!  It’s also happens to be an ABERCROMBIE AND FITNESS approved side dish for your Christmas party, office party, girls gathering, football bonanza, inpromput teen pleaser or family spread.

Be forewarned that this simple recipe is NOT going to be life altering.  It’s not going to give you a five star gourmet Betty Crocker rating.  Your office party will survive it but you are not going to get raving accolades out the wazoo for this one.  BUT…

But what you will get is credit!  Credit for bringing something to the couples party or girls ornament exchange.  You will receive credit for actually getting your hands dirty and making something that took just a wee bit of time but still taste good.   You get credit for plugging in your crock pot and walking away!  SHHHH don’t tell anybody!

This nonchalant SPICY CORN dish can be served as a stand alone or with chips or tortillas as yummy creamy dip.


STEP 1) Fire up your crock pot / slow cooker and follow along.


three bags of frozen corn

two jalapenos

cream cheese (two)

Step 2) Turn the crock pot on high and load in the three bags of frozen corn.


Step 3) Add in the cream cheese.

Step 4) Put the lid on the crock put while you are dicing/mincing the jalapeños.  For super spice keep the seeds.  Once the jalapeño is chopped, open the pot and mix it all together.  Close the lid and let it warm and begin to marinate.  The condensation from the frozen corn will naturally create a little bit of water which is a good thing.


However, once warm, if the dish seems to be too thick, you can dilute it with skim milk and a little bit of butter.  This will thin out the cream cheese.


Two hours later you can serve and turn the crock pot to warm.  You can also move the spicy corn into a desired dish or serving bowl.

The corn is light and sweet and the cream cheese mixed with jalapeño adds in robust creamy zest.  The teen queen and her cronies gravitated to it.  Mr. Chicken Fry is a corn connoisseur and even he gave me a “two thumbs up”.  He enjoyed the he new spicy spin on corn.

In refernce to your diet, Spicy Corn is not an every week every day dish approved by your’s truly.  This is a holiday/ rare delight that I consider to be a low fat dish.   It’s not a license to spread on the cream cheese.  It’s ok on my list because it’s fresh and moderately low cal. 

NOTE: eating spicy foods can help speed up the metabolism.  

If you really want to get creative I think adding a can of Rotel would be a net treat idea!  Adding a tomato flavor with green chili’s would really hype it up a notch.

What are you taking to your holiday party?

Love, spread the love not your waist line.


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