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Amazon FIT Finds

Amazon…where have you been all of our lives!!  An online soup to nuts store with delivery and easy to use access!  I love it and I genuinely love all of the below featured products.

I wanted to share a few of my latest and greatest FIT finds.  Everything from active here… to toothpaste. Supplements and music to hair ties and self tanner.

img_2518-1.jpg VITAL PROTEINS 

I have been using this product for just over three weeks.  Call it the placebo effect but I genunely think my hair has sprouted because of it.  What’s even better is the protein content.  This product has 7 grams of protein and the benefits of peptides and collegen.    It’s tasteless and non gritty…bc EWWW I hate that!  I have been mixing it right into my first cup of coffee and down the hatch it goes!

Next up is my favorite FACE tanner on the planet. Who doesn’t want a sunkissed hydrant glow ….year around!! COOLA just nails the non-greasy, non smelly self face tanner.   I go as far as smearing this across my chest and decollet’e’ because it doesn’t streak.  It goes on clear (like a gel) and dries very quickly.

COOL LA Face Tanner

Coil Hair TiesThese fab ties ar a daily event for me also.  I was skeptical that they would pull my hair out but they don’t!  I love them and have them in all colors!  Coil hair ties have taken my messy bun up a notch.  Now if you have a teenager or even if you don’t…like all hair ties…these are bound to disappear so you might as well buy two sets because at this price it’s worth it!


 Click on the iage to buy BLUE EMU cream.  This is a game changer for sore tired muscles.  It will help your tender muscle cramps and joint aches with daily use.  What more is there is no odor or icy hot tingling.  Just pure deep penetrating glucosamine cream.  In the winter or summer months this prouduct is also a fast acting chaffing or chapping cream.  It’s my 20 year go to for so many skin related issues.  


Foodies and chefs, Amazon has made life in the kitchen so much better.  Life is easier with easy to use ordering.  From Crock pots to mixers…you can have a commercial grade kitchen at your fingertips.

AMAZON MUSIC  Listen and create a FITastic thumping playlist!  I have been using Amazon music for two years!  I have an ALEXA  in my training studio and we boss Alexa around.  Amazon music is the only way to stream music!

This is the toothpaste.  None before or after it in the toothpaste whitening world.  It will take your smile to a whole nuther  level of bright!   Click the image for a direct link.
My family has been using this toothpaste for over two years.  Check out my toothpaste tell here…NUSKIN.

BEAUTY COUPONS – clip from this link some great beauty coupons.

Optima Fashion scarves

新品 Women's Soft Plaid Winter Scarf - Infinity Large Warm Shawl Tartan Pashmina Fashion Blanket Big Travel Wrap For Women (A-Rose Red, One Size)Scarves are a fun way to spice up a drab fall or winter wardrobe.  There are more than four ways to wear a scarf.  Get creative with these fun prints.

JACK BLACK - Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 - Green Tea Antioxidants, Long Lasting Treatment, Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection


Luxury beauty therapy for your lips!  This is one of for you one for me gifts!

Look at this bright shiney beautiful yellow coffe mug!  Doesn’t it just scream happy!!!  Who doesn’t love a wide and tall coffee/tea mug?  Recently all of my go to coffee mugs have suffered trauma so I want on a hunt for the perfect daily cofee mug.  Im not a tall tumber coffee drinker.  I took a change on this simple classic mug and it’s the bomb!  It’s not hefty or overzied but it ‘s not too small.  It comes in a variety of colors and we all know I love options!  I ordered yellow, white turquoise and purple!

So,  think about it, you can. dance, brighten your smile, get a glow,  and let your  feeling show!


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, shop till you drop…



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