Bringing Sweaty Back

Nostalgia Lost

O CHRISTmas tree O CHRISTmas tree…

Another Abercrombie confessional…

This year, dear friends, I just didn’t have the heart for it. I’m a big FAT NO on nostalgia this year…so sue me!

I just have not been feeling it.  Therefore, I couldn’t fake it.

GRIEF IS __________. (fill in the blank)

Okay…so for 21 years I have been decorating the same o’l red and white whimisical CHRISTmas tree.

Year after year building adding and creating my very own candy cane CHRISTmas spectacular!  (just like my mama taught me too)  My mom is the orignal chief engineer of the fun fab Christmas tree.

Don’t despair, I wasn’t going full HUM BUG…I was always full out willing to assemble our artificial tree and plug it in!  Voil’a, a CHRISTMAS tree!  RIGHT??

I mean why do we humans complicate things?

As if dragging the heavy, dusty oversized box down from the old timey pull down attic isn’t enough work? RIGHT?   And as if assembling the three part tree and or lining it with tangled strings of lights or in my case and (pre-lit) sweeping up the fallen musty fragments isn’t plenty enough work?  RIGHT?

OH NO NO NO…we want more….we want so much more! We need more of a challenge!

What do we do?? We further drag down and carefullly upack overloaded boxes of historical decorations to put on the tree!   LAWD have mercy.  The house wives of yesteryear must have been bored to tears.  Some crafty artsy wife somewhere was like I’m going to put popcorn on my CHRISTMAS tree and BOOM the race was on like wild fire!


So that was that.  As the executive house manager, and president of the tree decorating committee I made a declaration. I felt so empowered in this bold decision making process.  I declared that this CHRISTmas one of two things would happen, either I would pass the torch down to the teen queen for decorating duty or we would have no decorations!  I went as far to announce it to the teen queen and Mr. Chicken Fry.  The teen queen denied the decorating offer in a flash because both of them thought I was kidding.   I was like ‘well I show them.”  BC IM SERIOUS!”

Mr. Chicken Fry all gentleman like, and got the tree down.  Now while he was off hunting and the teen queen was away on a COLLEGE VISIT,  I put it together and lit it up!  I was happy. I wasn’t even sad!  I walked away like a boss with a smile.

Then..a day later misplaced shame set in!  This is a true term I learned from our brilliant pastor  Chris Seidman.

I had a Time Allen Christmas with the Kranks moment.  (this is a movie and if you have not seen it…indulge yourself …it maybe my top three fav chrimstas movies of all time.)  Like why do I have to succumb to all of this CHRISTMAS hub bub?  Why all the pressure?  I need less pressure and if not decorting a tree gives me pleasure then by all means I’m not doing.

After 24 hours something inside of me changed…my brain felt like it had super powers. AMAZON.  This is all I could think!  I knew that I could have a new surprise tree decorated and a fresh look in under 24 hours!  I took to AMAZON in seconds.  SCOURING FOR new CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS like a famished wild dog!  I need shiney colored Chrismas balls pronto.


KI Store 20ct Christmas Balls Peppermint Green Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ball  3.15-Inch Hooks Included

KI Store 20ct Christmas Ball Ornaments Shatterproof Christmas Decorations  Tree Ornaments Hooks Included 3.15” (Teal)


I don’t know where my glee came from but together me and AMAZON made my Christmas tree dreams come true.  I actualy stole this stylish ombre tree idea from a very artsy fab friend!

This was my time to shine and get it while I could.  No people at home to yell…”What’s that?”  “What are you doing?”  “Where are our normal decorations?”  “Why are you doing this or that”   “I  thought you weren’t going to decorate?”  

Listen up ya’ll I’m the sheriff and I can do anything I want to with the CHRISTmas tree ok?!

I started my fancy but frugal tree with gold and my only regret was not doubling up on the gold balls at the top!  From there I should have taken it slow.  NOTE: *If you have a large tree you will need to double up on balls.  My tree is just over 10 feet.  I use 20 count of everything.  I also didn’t need to decorate much in the back.  

Then I migrated to a peppermint color which is linked above.  This color is so fresh and fun on a white tree!  Just this color alone makes me all giddy inside.  Then I went TEAL and from there you can see I went…green, blue, purple and ended wide with my signature color PINK!

MAMA has a brand new TREE and it ‘s all under $140 dollars (minus the tree! ) 

Maybe Ill add to it and doctor it up with more glitz and glam or maybe I won’t.  Only time will tell.

BUT these sure would be cute popping out of the top of the tree…

ABS Pearl String Beads Garland Beads Wreath Wedding Party Decorations DIY Accessories Christmas Garland Christmas (Gold)


Green Floral Crafts – 2 Ft Glitter Sparkle Curly Ting – Gold

REDEPMTION!  The point of this is mainly to say that sometimes out of dispair and grief you can create the most amazing fresh ideas!  Otherise we never get off the FARRISWHEEL.  WE stay on the hamster wheel and go round and round.  Why was I waiting for the teen queen to move away to college before changing the tree?

Was I scared she would balk?  Was I nervous she would cry and argue that I wasn’t putting up the candy cane memories?

RATHER I should be afraid that she could be concerned her mom is trapped in a time warp and can’t move forward. Bless her heart, poor girl is already acutely aware that her father, aka Chicken Fry, is incapable of moving past the 70’s music channel! I bet she’s been petrified I might never change the Christmas tree decorations!

All I know is…this whole process for me has taught me soooo much!

Do it now.  Don’t be afraid.  Kids do NOT care. They do not give a flip about their Pre-school memories. They will care later! Keep them boxed up! Create change ! For heavens sake do something different!


May your CHRIST-mas tree be an advent symbol! May your tree be the focus of Jesus family tree leading up to HIS birth! A symbol of the Greatest Gift mankind has ever known!

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Love, peace and christmad cookie grease!  


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