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Hello and welcome to King Burger… We got a COMPLICATED ORDER…can’t ya just take a coke!!

Subwayx-largeI’m not a huge fan of fast food.  The fast food chains, in most cases, are serving processed foods high in fat and sodium and everything else you can think of.  Fortunately we live in a culture that is becoming aware and more health conscious than ever before.  Some of the fast food chains have recognized their bad reputations and modified their menus to reflect a low cal side.

→Don’t be Fooled, Get Schooled←

My philosophy on fast food is simple.  Eat fast food when you’re really in a pinch.  When you find yourself extremely pressed for time or you’re starving, shaky and desperately need food.  Picture a family road trip and the kids are restless and screaming french fries…that might be a good reason to whip thru a drive thru for fast food!  Fast food chains should not be a weekly habit.  If your goal is to lose weight you will not be successful if you eat fast food.


McDonald’s, Wendy’s,Whataburger and many other popular places now offer salads.  Be careful because salads can be a slippery slope into calorie town.  Salads can be tricky with all of the extras.  Most often the fast food salads come with pre packaged croutons, dressing, and nuts.  They also pile on the cheese!  This is why you have to be schooled not fooled.  The dressing is full of sugar and fat, the croutons are just gross and the cheese is not fresh and a calorie sucker.


Subwayx-large→WHAT CAN I ORDER?←

Wendy’s, Sonic and Chick-fil-A offer a decent grilled chicken wrap.  However you have to specifically order “no dressing” and “no cheese please”.  If you can fold back or chuck the flour tortilla it will save you some calories  if your monotoring carb intake.

Chick-fil-A_Chargrilled_Chicken_Cool_Wrap_1_93109Chipolte and Subway are my favorite fast food fixes.  Super healthy options are available and they have fresh produce and meat.
I order a salad bowl at Chipotle with double chicken topped with salsa and corn.  At Chick-fil-A I order a wrap or the grilled nuggets. Now watch out because I get crazy at Subway.  I order a 7 grain 6 inch with double turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, peppers, and mustard.  My mouth is watering.  I feel luxurious when I go to Subway.   Admit it… a simple sandwich taste so much better when someone else makes it for you.  Have you ever noticed that?  Below you will find other options that I deem worth of ordering when you’re in a hurry, running and gunning or about to kill over because your sides are caving in!

4748003624_69e16b211d_zWendy’s – Dry baked potato.  No butter no cheese.  Add salsa, salt and pepper for flavor.

Whataburger – grilled chicken sandwich (bun is optional) or an egg taquito no cheese.

McDonald’s and Starbucks – oatmeal or protein box or an egg only McMuffin no cheese or butter.

Always order a large water or unsweet tea!  Never be afraid to ask for lemon or lime to squeeze into your water and or your salad!  


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