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Passing the tabata torch to you!  We torn the Tabata timer out last week yall!  It was lit! Now it’s your turn!  I know, I know I’m a very generous person.  

We went rough and tumble shaking it up with tabata interval training.  Talk about elevating the heart rate and burning calories. You can actually crush about 400 calories or more with 10 sets of a good Tabata.  If you only have time for 30 minutes, kill 200 calories and finish later!  

I love Tabata because I don’t have to count.  It allows me to focus on breathing and technique.  I enjoy the fast paced 20 second intervals of 4 minute kick butt rounds.  It goes by really quick and before you know it 8 rounds are in the record books!    Only 4 more to finish. 

Today, take a chance or a time out  and tackle one of these two tabata workouts!   You will thank me! 

Because I love you…I’m going to share my favorite TABATA segments. 

Tabata 1.

  1. Hold squat and row row row your boat.  Hold a deep squat and row the weights in squeezing your elbows close to your body working the back!
  2. mountain climbers yo!
  3. forearm plank from the BOSU!
  4. Heave weighted squats – come all the way up on your toes for calf work!
  5. Ab tucks with slings and or a balance ball
  6. forward lunges with moderate weights  12-15 pounds alternating stationary lunges
  1. chest press or push ups
  2. plyo jacks


Tabata 2. 

1) plie squat with a shoulder press use a heavy med call – like 15-20 pounds get deep inner thi squats sinking back into your heels.

2) with two 8 pound weights do side laterals – every other round alliterate to front laterals
3) push ups – use a bench or step if you can – feet up on the incline
4) Med call center shops – use a 10 pound med ball
5) Russian twists with 10 pound med ball
6) hip thrusts – lie back put feet up on incline, edge of treadmill, bench or stair, thrust hips up squeezing your bootie
7) forward lunges – walking lunges is fine or stationary hold 12 pound weights
8) full sit ups – come up over your knees each time

Let me know how sweaty you get?  Bust it up and let me know about it. 

Ready set go! 

Love alotta and tackle these tabatas!!! 



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