Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Thankful YOU!

How is it possible that it’s week TWO of NOVEMBER?  What in the world?

So despite that it’s MONDAY and despite that this year is winding down, despite the crazy presidential election, and despite the odd damp humid warm weather in Texas, I can think of many things to be thankful for!

SO MANY THINGS to be thankful for.

Listen up beautiful because this goes for you too!

It is my prayer that this post will inspire you to open your mind to do a little self-reflection. I’m begging you to do to a little homework. A little inward evaluation. This is not about your family, your friends, your kids, your work or your neighbors. This one honey, is all about YOU!

Do me a favor, take a little mental inventory of yourself. No one knows YOU better except   Jesus.  Think about your whole person. Your whole entire being top to bottom, bottom to top, inside and outside. Cover ALL THINGS YOU. Think about all the THINGS that you know that set you apart or that make you awesome. Your unique quirks or qualities that you have embraced over the years.

For some of you this comes natural and is a gift in itself. Others may struggle but if you reflect long enough I bet you will find a laundry list of thankfuls.

YES, I want to take a deep myopic look at yourself, character and all!  You’re bold and beautiful and have a quadzillion reasons to be thankful for all the wonderful qualities you personally possess.

Please LOVE on yourself and own the things that make you GREAT!

Ok – I’ll bashfully go first. BUT…I want to hear from you. Please don’t be shy…which by the way, could be something about yourself that you LOVE or cherish!  Go with it!

  1. my wide big nose…the better to smell you with! 

2.  I’m thankful for a strong set of chops, aka TEETH!

3.  A little snort that sometimes sneaks out when I laugh really hard. I’ve learned to embrace this embarrassing sound!

4.  Narrow hips  


6.  My long narrow Fred Flintstone feet and thick ankle!!!  

7.  My skinny, curly mangy HAIR ←← click HAIR for more details.

8.  My singing voice and the ability to hear harmony. 

9.  My spiritual God given gift of encouragement!

10.  skill sets; organize, structure, and communication.   Watch me WHIP…crack the whip that is, in my group training sessions!

I’m MOST thankful for a healthy body!!!!   ←←click here 

I get so exhausted with women tearing their self down and apart bit by bit.  We women folk beat ourselves up with the “what ifs” and “wish lists” of areas we WISH we could change like short legs, or long neck or cankles.   Forget all that hog wash. Today, be positive and think about all the things that are uniquely yours. Then take a second to thank HIM for creating you!

→→ 30 days of THANKS  – Check this out if you have a minute.


Love, reflect and be thankful for the defects!!!

Angi xo


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