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Elevate Good Times (videos)

Elevate good times come on!  There’s a party going on in the gym, a sweat session to tone and sculpt your limbs!  So bring your tennis shoes and and a positive attitude, Let me work you out and help you lose weight too!  Come on now! 

I have some tips to make your “SWEEP” spots rock for the seasons greetings and holiday festivities.  Frankly my bag of tricks will actually work year around!  Prepare to prance and dance around strutting your stuff in your high heels feeling confident and hammy, I mean happy!

Want to know a little secret?  Elevation is a hush-hush, hidden treasure in the workout world.  Elevation adds sass to just about any workout.  If you have bottomed out and your workouts are dull and blah-hum-bug  by all means, elevate good times.  Perk it up with elevated exercises that bring resistance and challenge to trick your muscles.  Just a slight elevation on a push up,  squat or deadlift will do wonders. Coincidentally it adds more stress to the core forcing balance.  Who doesn’t want a tighter abdomen?  That’s is the GOAL girlfriend.

You know what THEY say, “if you don’t believe, you won’t receive.”  That’s them but this is me…

I say, ” if you don’t participate, you won’t ever actually lose any weight.”    

Below you will see several links to some seriously high tech videos that I uploaded to You Tube this morning. Pay no attention to my typical sweaty, no makeup appeatance. Nonetheless, you will see a demonstration of my fancy schmancy stability moves.  That’s a joke. It’s far from fancy. Now, if you don’t have a set of dumbells go buy some at →TARGET (dumbbells) .   If your won’t purchase some you can use a small step, stack of books, or something stable to give a little lift.

→Elevated Heels Up Squats & Deadlifts ←

I’m demonstrating a push up with my feet up! This increases the resistance directly to the chest area. Now, If I elevate my chest and put my feet on the floor, I get more shoulders and core. Have it your way!

Toes up squats and reads) Elevated Chest←

Using the BOSU balance trainer… work an up and over (as seen in the video below) for a minute or two which elevates the heart rate! ♥♥♥

→A little ELEVATION never hurt anybody←

Using one foot at a time, elevate on a weight, bench or BOSU and perform plie squats and or squats.  Plank with your feet up and or your hands or forearms up.  Be playful with your elevation work.  Don’t take it too serously. Just be smart and be careful.  NO injuries on my watch!

By all means,  please let me know if you notice or feel a difference? I love to hear your comments and feedback.  It’s what I live for! 

So maybe I’m not as cool as Kool & the Gang!  I can’t argue with that, but I sure know how to  celebrate my elevate!

Love, let it snow and give these moves a go!  

Angi xo



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