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It’s a girl thing

It happens to the best of us but I’m pretty sure it’s more of an isolated girl thang.

We are busy females, who on occasion, may somehow accidentally put our favorite fashionable, stretchy workout pants on unknowingly inside out! (OR backward) Allow me to paint you a visual. Some where some sweet soul is totally unaware that she is wearing her yoga pants/ leggings inside out. Due to the current stitching trend it’s most difficult to fully understand stitching vs lining. Back in the day it was easy to spot because the tag and all of its machine washing instruction glory would be waving in the wind for all to see. Now, most designers are going tag less stacking the odds even further against us. Now to make matters worse on our sweet soul sister, it highly possible that the white or black triangle crotch area is fully exposed and completely visible. Mercy!  Have you been there? ?

Take a gander at these Nike crops.  The one on the right looks perfectly wearable right?  Look closer, yep, you will notice that they are inside out…look at the triangle of death staring at you!

Can we just say how confusing this pair is?  You would think the drawstring would be on the outside… NOPE!

I just love these leggings from Bombshell Sportswear  however, the inside and the outside look identical making it impossible to tell the outside from the inside.  This is the general new look and really, folks, who’s got time to check for a tag??  lol

This little mishap does not discriminate dear darlings. Young or old at some point it will happen to you, if it hasn’t already!   Okay this picture was taken 3 years ago.  Can you tell which one of us is wearing our pants wrong side out? ?


All day long ladies everywhere are sporting their tight black or printed active wear wrong side out. Oh yeah they are! I bet one out of 20 moms at an elementary school PTO meeting are wearing their pants inside out. One of these all-star moms has made the dreaded mistake…can you tell which one?  Yep, moms everywhere will leave the PTO meeting to grab a quick workout at gym and a bite to eat, followed by a long leisurely stroll through the grocery store. All the while she has no clue she’s inside out and chances are no one has bothered to tell her. Who knows, maybe this doll was having such a superior hair day she opted for a BAD bottom half day.

FORWARD or BACKWARD?  INSIDE out ?  Hard to tell right?

I can totally picture the girl who gets up early on Saturday morning to workout. I guarantee that before coffee is when most crimes of the inside out happen!  Bless her heart.  She cautiously laid her clothes out the night before just like a good workout warrior.  But unfortunately she got dressed before the first sip and just like that…robbed wrong side out! 

A bathroom break is most likely the first opportunity we have to catch the mistake. This is if we aren’t busy yacking it up on the phoneor some other form of multitasking.   When the actual horror hits our sweet busy brains, it’s like a lightning streak of sheer panic goes through the body. We begin chronicling our whereabouts.  For the better half of the day we have been out gally vanting all over town inside out! Mortified but slightly thankful that the pants were clean and not from the bottom of the closet like usual.

The cringe turns into a funny smirk and then a healthy giggle because heck, we literally got dressed in a dark closet under 5 minutes while half asleep. Shoot, now your impressed that you’re not more disheveled!  The fact that your choice of active wear is  cute both ways actually says a little something about your awesome fashion sense!  BUTT… pun intended…you do wonder how many people knew and didn’t say anything?  You also wonder if someone snuck a photo to upload to the Glamour don’t page, stupid technology!  

Trainer Rule #5: Always discretely tell a client/friend if you notice their clothes are on backward or inside out!!! For that matter, it’s actually standard polite decent normal people protocol. Hello, girl code 101 people!

I salute all of you bold broads who have rocked your inside out! It takes one to know one!  Been there and done it more than once!  

Peace, double-check and either way no one really gives a heck!




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