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Anniversary Series Greatest HIITs 1 

Happy Friday folks.  I bet you barley slept last night because you were super antsy and eager to start the workout series I promised. That’s the spirit!  

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.  It’s a FITastic fast paced style of circuit training using plyometrics and weights!   

Be aware that this sort of thing can and will cause sweat stains, shortness of breath, a pounding heart and sometimes sore bruised-like muscles!  But like all bruises, it’s temporary and the pain subsides.  HIIT workouts shape the F word (fat) and shape into hard shameless LEAN muscle!  This technique will shrink a waist lines and make clothes fall off loose!  After a few weeks of HIIT you might even make friends with the mirror and welcome a long glance!  The hanging underarm flab will slowly disappear and the muffin top discomfort will be deleted!  

Ok so now you’re prepared and ready for a piece of the ACTION…read, set go!



power walk on a treadmill or jog in place or kick your own butt for 1-3 minutes.


1) bicep curls  – for the first two rounds use the heaviest weight you can lift for 10 reps.

Round two drop 5-3 pounds lighter on weights but give me 15-20 reps 

2) Squats – sit back deep – hold moderate to heavy weights 15-20 reps

3) push ups  – (if necessary start from your knees….NO SHAME) img_6790

4) Front lunges alternating walking hold weights up right row at the top of the lunge 30 front lunges total 15 reps each leg


4) Chest Press Hip Thrust using a body bar.  Elevate feet on a bench or chair or BOSU.  When the hips press up, chest press the bar upward.  20 reps.

5) Assisted chin ups hold a chin up – do jump chin ups or do 15 assisted chin ups

6) Skaters for 1 minute – push like skating from side to side!

Repeat this set for 5-10 rounds













By Saturday your biceps will be barking and so will your legs!  It’s all good.  Slap and rub on a thick coat of  Blue-Emu on it and continue on!  Y’all, seriously…this stuff isn’t just for old geezers, it really does the job.  Blue-Emu also comes in a spray which is my favorite.  It’s great before and after workouts and the days in-between. Unlike the other products that promise results Blue-Emu doesn’t smell, burn, or tingle.  It penetrates straight to the sore spots to soothe and ease the sore muscle pain.  I use it on my legs before and after a cardio session and on my shoulder before weight lifting sessions.  I could ramble on and on  about this marvelous product and it’s ability to lift the aches away.  Consider this a bonus gift from yours truly.    

Until Monday…. img_0703

Love, HIIT and don’t quit!






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