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Tid Bit Tuesday: Doubt 

Good Tuesday afternoon gorgeous.

Were you one of the many who slyly slid a three day weekend in at the last minute?  If you have kids in school, your often faced with random Mondays off.  Various reasons such as  teacher in service day, President’s day, MLK day, or who knows what kind of day, but it’s very tempting to join in,  sleep late and take the day off.



I boastfully didn’t give in and skip out on training my loyal workout warriors.   No way Jose, I had a tantalizing Tabata workout ready to go!   Click on the link in pink and have at it sister!

I did however, give in and enjoy a wonderful afternoon with Mr. Chicken Fry and baby girl teen queen. We shared a snappy  @abercrombieFITs↵(follow me on snap chat) healthy lunch at Blue Ocean Sushi  & Grill followed by an hour or so shopping in Ulta.  My gosh that store has a way of sucking you in and $100 dollars later, spitting you out.  No matter how hard I try…no matter what I do, even when I remember to bring the coupon,  I simply cannot get out of that store under $100 bucks.  It’s virtually impossible.

Speaking of virtual…FITogether, my virtual FITness training challenge had a nice warm  overwhelming response.  I welcomed way more eager workout warriors than expected and suddenly I had a serious case of stage freight.  I mean it’s not like this was my first virtual rodeo but out of no where I was brimming with fickle feelings about my FITness program.  I had that weird wave of doubt wash over me.

Then the voices started chattering.  I was hearing that tilted whisper, “your work sucks, the program isn’t going to inspire anyone.  It’s not challenging or worthy of their time.”

I was thrust into a combative wrestling match in head and I was glued to my computer screen.  I was scrambling and feeling so insecure.  The self doubt wave was more like a  wildfire spreading across my brain.  I was back in the office examining all of the hard work I had already poured into the program.  I was in a state of self defeat reviewing the custom meal plan and workouts with a fine tooth comb.  Rethinking and rehashing all of the hours I had put into the program.  I worked my butt off to combine great total body toning high intensity interval training and a fat burning meal plan.

URGHHH, there it was again.  That offensive voice, “you have no edge, because you’re not a real professional.  You are a one act play, with your home grown Ipad videos that stink.  Give it up girl, you are a bonafide nothing.”   Cough cough.

I admit it.  I humbly confess I let this foul evil voice sink in.  I stewed in this foggy cloud of disappointment  for  well over half a day.  Then after some prayer, the dark cloud lifted and I had a beautiful moment of clarity.  Stop believing the horse crap because it is NOT the truth nor is it even real.

Slandererous satan had a tight grip on me, doing some of his handy work to pull me down on false allegations. It was his vicious voice of deceit I was hearing. Not the truth.  Girl, I snapped out of it fast…like pronto.  No thank you rude dumb donkey, aka satan.  I’m way smarter than that.  Bye Felicia!  I’m a daughter of the almighty King Jesus who’s got my back and has blessed my hard work and who will continue to abundantly work on my behalf!

Then I was irritated and mad that I even entertained those negative thoughts for more than a fleeting second.  I feel silly for tolerating and falling prey to the enemies lies.

Organic truth.  I have a thriving personal training business and I’m blessed beyond measure  by these beautiful people.  Another raw truth is that there are a ton of great options in FITness to choose from and I, Angi Abercrombie, owner and trainer at Abercrombie and FITness, I’m one of these great options.  I bring a cheerleader and humorous effect to my training services.  People either get me and love it or they don’t.  I may encourage you with my crazy antics and repetitive stories or I don’t.  My workouts either challenge you and speak for themselves or they don’t.  My style works for you or it doesn’t.   It’s that simple!

With that said…FITogether is up and running smooth.  There is plenty of room and I would love to be your virtual FITness instructor.

Are you currently in a state of doubt?  If so, allow me to help you silence the voices.    

It’s all about standing on what you know to be true.

img_7582Recognize the the truth and the facts:  

Exercise is healthy.  (doctors orders)

You could stand to lose some weight.

You need to make better food choices.

You work better when you have a coach.

You won’t workout unless you pay for it.

You need accountability.

You need diet lessons and meal management

Your clothes are too tight.

Spring break is three weeks away!!

You want to be the bomb at this years prom!

You want to work on your bikini bod now…before it’s too late!

Summer is only 3 months away.

If you find yourself facing any of this harsh reality, check out my program.  It’s a low cost highly effective 6 week FITness program that will get you in the game.  I’m standing by.

Don’t let the donkey of doubt keep you cowling in the corner.  Get your sparkle back!  You are bold and beautiful.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post titled Bold Beginnings!

Love, don’t quit and stay FIT!


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