Bringing Sweaty Back

Mr. Chicken Fry

Hello you and welcome to the beginning of a brand new healthy and happy week!  I have never been so ready to get stuff done, workout, and feel accomplished.  For me, the last 10  days have been a bit of a downer.  My baby girl (teen queen) was diagnosed with the flu and on command coincidentally so was Mr. Chicken Fry!  A wife and mothers worst nightmare was a sudden reality.  With a grim attitude, I pumped myself full of Oscillococcinum, vitamin C and prayed that I would come out unscathed.

My first hint that the bed ridden duo were coming around was when they had an increase in appetite. At first I was basically force feeding them popsicles, soup and crackers. By Friday they were starving and “begging” for real food!  Excuse me, do I look like a waitress?

After church on Sunday, Mr.Chicken Fry was HONGRY…a bypassed state of hungry like the wolf.  He wanted what he likes to call a “man’s meal,” which basically means a meal that will grow hair on the chest.  I willingly showed him to the kitchen and introduced him to the stove!  If you have been following my blog for very long, you know that Mr. Chicken Fry and I do not, AT ALL, share the same eating habits.

He quickly busted out a bag of flour and the cast iron skillet!  Watching this man cook was like taking a bullet!  He gets all up in the grease! Also, he only knows one temperature  which is HOT therefore causing popping grease all over my clean cook top!  Twas a painful  experience but Mr.Chicken Fry was deep-fried determined, welcome to my SPOUSE!  He carefully undignifiedly dipped pieces of back strap (deer meat) into his egg/flour/seasoned concoction and not so gingerly disturbingly propelled the bits of meat into the sizzling oil!  I couldn’t watch!


His deep fried menu included, waiting in the wings, fried potatoes followed by the final side item, clogged arteries and a heart attack helping of gravy!  I do have to tattle that against his wishes, he was forced to use skim milk for the gravy.   Not to worry, he survived!


Yall, he was so proud.  I cordially take a sneak peek bite followed by a “jumbo  yummm atta boy kind of praise.” Generally I don’t eat red meat however, deer meat is super lean when it’s not prepared in a vat of bubbling peanut oil.  Good grief.  I must say, I could taste Mr. Chicken Fry’s hankering and passion for his mama’s cooking!   Lip smacking good but for me, it ended there!


On the other side of the kitchen, to keep myself occupied from the mayhem in progress, I decided to meal prep.   I marinated six large chicken breasts to grill on the George Foreman.    I love this small convenient griller. It works perfectly to drain the fat and keep the meat moist and juicy.  The best part…it’s not a bear to clean.  At this point, Mr. Chicken Fry’s aftermath clean up factor was going to be a minimum of 4o minutes or longer.  I marinated the chicken with a wee bit of EVOO, sea salt, pepper and tangy/spicy barbecue sauce.



As usual, I made a vat of seasoned brown rice and shredded a bundle of kale and massaged it with a little honey and lemon juice.  I kept to my ritual of cutting up celery, carrots, fresh strawberries, cucumbers and put it all in Tupperware containers for quick and easy meals and  snacking. I know, I know, its a hassle before it become a habit! ~ Angi Abercrombie  

Meanwhile, all I could hear, above the roar of pre-game football blaring from the television was the crackling and popping sounds STILL active from the skillet of lard.  I had to step in for a heavy reconnaissance clean up mission.    No, exaggeration… LOOK at this proof!  Grease spatter for dazzze!



After what seemed like a half a million hours, Mr. Chicken Fry proudly rang the brunch bell.  Get a load of his country cooking people.  When is the last time you saw bread pieces covered in gravy?  For me, It was when I was 12 and my Mamaw made my plate.  This man, he makes me chuckle. Little did he know, the bread he was devouring was made from whole grain oats!     GOTCHA!



Take a gander at this diverse dichotomy.  Mr. Chicken Fry’s plate vs. my plate!  Which one would you deem the heart healthy option?  Baby girl teen queen’s plate was a healthy mix of fried back strap, brown rice and a big glass of water!


Look at this guy with his big greasy grin!   He had two whopping servings of his deer deluxe.  What a man, what a man, my chicken fry man!  This post is absolute proof that I deal with all kinds of fried food temptations on a weekly basis. In fact, the man pictured below just ordered 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Seriously!?!?!?  I, Angi Abercrombie, do solemnly swear that I will not touch, swallow or taste a Girl Scout cookie so help me God.

Let me be clear, I have nothing against the Girl Scouts. However, if you’re truly making a concerted effort to eat clean, workout and get FIT…I can promise you that Girl Scout cookies are NOT on the plan.  Here is what you do, donate the money and deny the cookies or buy the cookies but  quickly give them to your co-worker, homeless person the street, or your post man.  Unless you’re totally sure you will not cave to the thin mints, don’t bring that trash into your house!   It’s a big NO, NO!     

On a lighter note, my kitchen is grease free and disinfected from top to bottom thanks to Clorox wipes and hot soapy water.

How was your weekend?  Do you have a Mr. Chicken Fry or Mr. junk food at home?  Do you often prepare two or three completely opposite meals for your family?  Perhaps you’re raising a student athlete with a voracious appetite but you need to drop some pounds before spring.  It can be done.  I do it every day.  It takes discipline, it’s a lifestyle.  

Let’s get FITogether.  If you’re interested in a virtual training program, please leave me comment.  I just love comments.  Share your struggles, your praises and your clean up stories.  Eagerly standing by.

Love, eat, but back off of the grease!

Angi xo

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