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Knot a problem

I’m KNOT entirey sure if it’s age (I’m 46 years young thank you very much), parenting a teenager, LIFE in general, or the fact that I exercise a whole bunch, but I live in knots!  I have chronic aches and creaks that cannot be ignored and require attention.

I wear tight sports bras almost all day long. I’m middle aged and have not always been kind to my joints. I was a young gymnast and cheerleader who abused her body and perhaps it’s catching up with me?!?!  That sentence alone is painful to write.

Making matters worse on myself:

I don’t have an ergonomically correct desk.

I gained 30 plus pounds carrying a baby inside my body.

I lift weights at least three (four) times a week.

I jog.

I bend and stoop.

I dance like a teenager.

All of this amounts to knee deep chronic knots of neck and muscle pain!

Do you feel like your shoulders have become permenatly mounted by your ears?

Are you experienceing daily aches and pains associated with muscle tension?  So much so that your stress knots have acquired knots.  Basically you have knots on your knots in your neck, shoulders, and back area?  Well guess what?  YOU ARE KNOT ALONE!


Work out the kinks cutie pie.


Let me tell you, I carry my stress in my head, neck and shoulders.  I would rather have a head neck and shoulder massage over a full body massage any day.  I want the rubbing and pressure to be focused where it counts.  By the time the massage therapist works on my arms, legs and lower back, my shoulders want all the attention.

Mr. Chicken Fry is basically the Mr. Miyagi of massage.  He can give a good wax on wax off if you know what I mean.  He’s strong and tender and really knows how to use his elbow and hands to get in deep and do some damage.  I recently purchased him this swanky massage table from Amazon but  he insists I should be the masseuse.  LOL.

This is the SALONITURE professional massage table and carrying case.  It folds up with complete ease and isn’t heavy.  It’s durable and sturdy.

If you get the occasional or the. regular weekly massage don’t you just hate it when they don’t work the area of your choice?!?!?!

When on the rare occasion I’m laying on the massage table feeling completley vunerable and exposed I get flustered when it’s not working for me.  Like when the therapist is working on my calf, I so badly want to say…“just stop, I’m getting no enjoyment of fullfillment in the calf area.  Please come back to my neck.” But I don’t dare say this because after all, I’m half naked in a dark room with a total stranger.

If and when I don’t have the time or budget for a massage, I do it myself.  FOAM ROLLER!  This one is Amazon’s choice of rollers and right at $10.  

If you have chronic pain or knotted muscle aches but you haven’t invested in a foam foller your missing out.  If you watch television or your computer at night…you can foam roll.  Take 5 minutes in the morning and roll on the foam.  The foam foller allows you to target specific areas of the body and release tension.  Generally this is my back, neck and someitmes my hip flexor.

In a matter of 10 minutes or more you can fruitfully have enjoyed a full body massage experience.

Is your back in a perpetual state of tight, uncomfortable knots?

Have you given up on neck mobility completely?

Workout warriors pull up a chair and relax.

Better yet order a foam roller today and get

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