Bringing Sweaty Back

Move more, Eat less + other rocket science-savvy

Caffeine, Coco nibs, red peppers, grapefruit, ginger, and green tea, have all been linked to weight loss. Is it true?

The answer is yes, but…

In day to day real life, these “superfoods” only contribute to weight loss or help speed up the metabolism a tincey tiny bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about getting the edge on firing up my metabolism. You will see me shaking red pepper flakes on meat, soup and salad. I drink green tea, I eat ginger with and without sushi, and drink crush my morning caffeine addiction. What I’m saying is these “superfoods” are not reliable. These foods are not the key to true weight loss.

Lack of FITness and poor lifestyle choices are the cause of weight gain. There is no doubt about it. In order to lose weight, you have to eat less, and move more!

Choosing foods that have a greater overall impact on your weight lose goals is the ideal ticket.

In general, high fiber foods are a great place to start. VEGETABLES are super fiberous fuel. Eating a hefty serving of vegetables will help you feel full.

An oldie but goodie FITness/diet hack is to take a fiber supplement before dinner time.

20 minutes before dinner take a fiber supplement with a giant glass of water. The fiber will inturn expand in your stomach making you feel full and help you eat less. Notice I didn’t say it will curb your appetite or it will make you not want to eat. It just makes you feel full. I want you to eat an eat often but I want the foods to be high protein, low carb foods. This means restricting high fatty, cheesy, greasy meals.

HONOR your hunger! A hungry body is a healthy body. Not eating leads to overeating!

Next, YOU HAVE TO MOVE! You have got to get off your butt and do something active. Lifting weights is the fastest way to burn fat. It’s a proven fact.

You will not struggle and be able to maintain a health weight if you eat a healthy diet and EXERCISE!

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Healthy HACKS can help but they don’t bring it home for the win. What does is EATing LESS and MOVing MORE!

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