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What to expect: College Edition

What to expect when your expecting was one thing…but where are the Cliff Notes for “WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU VISIT YOUR COLLEGE STUDENT?”

Last year, my one and only baby girl, the infamous “teen queen” set off for her first semester of college. Although our baby girl wasn’t traveling over seas for a study abroad it felt as much!

Our little “Miss Independent” chose an out of state university approximately five hours away from our home sweet hometown. Like all parents who pack up their off spring, drive them across state lines and wave goodbye after moving them into a small cracker box…its is a happy sad momentous occasion. A wild roller coaster ride of emotions at first…but then…parents and college students find their way!

Perhaps I had missed the underground whispers from all of the empty nesters who had gone before me. Where was this glorious gossip? Why hadn’t I heard how much fun it was going to be?

No matter if you attended college or you didn’t, there is an undeniable energy and a vicarious opportunity for resurgence! When they college you college…this is the time to micro dose the college experience in the very BEST WAY!

With maturity comes wisdom and comfort. Listen up y’all, the boy dorms / frat houses are as sticky and icky as ever. The girl dorms may look all fluffy and quaffed but in actuality they are filthy dust bowls. Basically….mom & dad, this is your hall pass to spend as little time as possible out of their space! Instead, invite them out or into your space!


First you should ask yourself or your student…do you want “the gang” or do you want privacy? Is your child a group/friend person? Or are they seeking alone/get away time ?

What Mr. Chicken Fry and I have found wildly successful and liberating is to rent a weekend VRBO. This gives all parties a little breathing room and an actual space besides a restaurant or dorm to CATCH UP OR VISIT! Our child is super social and doesn’t want to miss out. Your college kid and their friends might be like our girl…who wants to show up for food and a little fellowship only to disappear into the night! (nothing wrong with that).

Our Fayetteville favorites are listed below.

RUSTIC TOWNHOME – This gem was a split level layout and perfect for entertaining and enjoyment. This townhome/house was spacious not to mention the fantastic back deck and spectacular sunsets! Super super close to campus!

ON THE THE ROCKS – A small quaint two bed two bath house! This place was perfect for our sophomore move in weekend. We had plenty of parking and the staples for a quick in and quick out. This house was located near Dickson Street and the spots for shopping and eating.


THE SUMMIT at BEVER LAKE is in EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS It’s about an hour from Fayetteville but once you get to this gorgeous place you will NOT ever want to leave. A home for all the seasons. It’s perfectly nestled in the rocks/mountains and laid out to be a family gathering spot with all the activities and amenities. For starters, hiking, deer spotting, bird watching, fishing, tanning, swimming, boating and much more! Simply sit, sip and soak in the views. Rest and relax on one of the 3 decks and chill or grill! (we are totally planning a family weekend with friends this Summer at THE SUMMIT!

What to expect when you visit your kids for a college “parents” mom or dad’s weekend?

Parents there is no need to have “strict plans” or schedules. Let your student make the wide loose plans and own their freedom! Don’t expect much… this will only set you up for hurt feelings and failure! Basically your babe is looking for a hug, a meal and your credit card! (NO DIFFERENT FROM ACTUAL HOME LIFE). Take your beloved child to dinner/lunch, make a quick stop by the designated “pre-party”, take the picture and slip out...I mean RUN AWAY! lol. Follow it up with a big hug and “see ya tomorrow babe”. Off you go to your AirB&B or hotel bar for a “good adult drink’ or glass of wine/ night cap only to snuggle up in your sterile hotel room!

Next, wake up, enjoy your coffee and WAIT! Be patient – Remember college kids are tired!!! Hold up, wait until around 1pm for your child to call YOU and ask for brunch! Take them to lunch/brunch or have them over for a nice meal. Expect a gesture for a generous Walmart or Target run.


What to pack for a college game day weekend! CHEAL hang over patches are a staple! These might be for you and or your college student. These all natural vitamin patches help prevent the negative effects of alcohol. Peal and stick to any place on your body! Rub rub and you are ready to party like it’s 1995!

I never leave home with out my….

STANELY CUP Hydrate Hydrate – This trendy 40 oz is a great travel buddy and companion. Pack it up and drink up.

Prepare for long game days! The “all nighter” face primer is the ticket to all day makeup that doesn’t bleed or move! It’s a hydrating serum they smoothes makeup and keeps it on for your to 8 hours!


Cowboys boots, sneakers or flats ! Plan for a ton of walking! Leggings and jeans are acceptable attire!

Game day vibes are easy. Pack all the spirit wear you purchased on the college visit. If you are not a spirit wear person, simply color coordinate with the university colors and you are golden.

Spread the love in this light weight Turtle neck. I loved it because its a black sweater and easy to layer for a chilly game day! It pairs well with leggings and or jeans.

This furry coat was a fun wind breaker. It’s furry lining is cozy but the coat is NOT as heavy as it looks.

Lastly, enjoy the smiles and chatter from your child. Try to remember, like toddlers this is a new world to them. They are in uncharted waters, adapting to herds of strangers, homework, professors demands and tempting nightly activities. This too shall pass so share some laughs!

The 5 second Rule game is a hysterical game that eveyone can play! Take it with you…your college kid will try to steal it! This super easy game went viral on Ellen…It’s engaging and oddly difficult. Share laughs with your family and friends!

May you and your college student be able to communicate, love without fail and prevail!

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