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Girl Dorm Essentials

It’s true – the Baby Girl Teen Queen is headed to college. All my mom ears hear is that my baby girl is going to live in another state (AKA 5.5 long hours away from my arms, I mean home!)


To ensure that she has all the comforts, all the cuteness and all the college experience essentials, we took to AMAZON.

Her colors are blush pink and white with a hint of turquoise. We hit the jackpot with this desk large LED 14 light vanity/makeup mirror by BEAUTME Under $100 and quality lighting and clear mirror!

This blush ottomon/stool/storage unit is impressive and offers a perfect pop of pink. It doubles as storage and isn’t flimsy. It’s a sturdy plush piece.

BedShelfie – Well if this isn’t billy bad to the bone good I don’t know what is! It comes in several sizes and is perfect for dorm life and or bunk bed living spaces.


The standard issue dorms beds are CRAP. It’s our job to keep out offspring cush, cozy and resting well so they can make great grades! AM I RIGHT?

The memory foam mattress topper came highly recommended. 3 inch and XL twin for college twin beds!

Top it with this mattress topper for the PRINCESS in the PEA comfort of all comfort feel! 3 inch extra thick mattress topper that is a game changer!

The items below are no pictured because they were packed away for travel and I will show you the end result next week!


This throw will go at the base of her bed and lay across the bottom for a pop of color.




We purchased two! Girls and their hair tools, chargers, mirrors, lights and more!

This super chic and all too cool headboard. (no longer available in white) It gives the room a more stylish homey vibe. Whatsmore…the headboards are total teched-out

Headboards come with a grounded electrical plug and two USB ports. The headboards mount directly to the twin dorm beds providing a back rest. SA-WEET!

A steamer is an alternative to a heavy iron. Great for steaming curtains and or dresses and outfits. I ordered 25 plus as grad gifts. This portable steamer is under $20.

BURST electric toothbrush! One of the most powerful motors on the market, combined with super soft charcoal bristles, giving you the deepest clean without doing damage. With 33,000 Sonic Vibrations per minute, BURST reduces gum bleeding up to 3x more after just 15 days, versus a manual toothbrush. Plus use code SAVE10 for an additional 10 percent off!



Of course I love this CALL MOM PILLOW CASE! A funny cute, usable gift coming in at $15.


Closet organizer hangers space saving 9 holes of pants, clothes shirts – to hang multiple garmets to save space! (Im thinking jeans, jeans leggings)

These mutliple collaspable pants and or shirt hangers are the bomb dot com for saving space. 4 tier hanger with 360 swivel hook. Coming in at $23.

IKEA bags for moving! These apparently are the big big MUST HAVE deal for moving! I have loaded up on these and borrowed a few too! A case of C4 smart energy drinks. No sugar no calories no jitters…just flavorful sparkling drink caffeinated from green tea extract. Code ABFIT20 = 20 percent off!!!

A TERRAGlide for east in apartment or dorm workouts. Travels light and will stow under a bed or use as a step stool for bunk beds. code AbercrombieFIT = 25%off go to

A Hailing all of this and more this week. Stay tuned for the final results!

Happy back to school to all of the glorious teachers, staff, educators and students.

Love Angi

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