Muscles and Mascara

Pull up or Sush up!

Ladies and gentlemen, It’s time to pull up or sush up!

I humbly admit that Pull – ups are CRAZY hard!

Unless you have been kissed by the INCREDIBLE HULK or you were born with freakishly super human upper body strength, the art of a free body pull up just isn’t natural.

Not for me anyway.

No matter how much I trained or how FIT I have ever been, I could never master an unassisted pull up! I would preform lat pull downs until I was blue in the face. I did a ca-gillion rack pulls and TRX pull ups but nothing seemed to BOOST MY PULL UP…until.

Until I purchased an assisted pull up band. This assisted pull up band has been a GAME CHANGER! These pull up bands have been crucial for training the back of the body and perfecting a pull up. (EVEN IF IT’S JUST ONE)

These pull up bands are an expansion of my fitness repertoire.

Assisted Pull up bands are made of nylon and super strong and can hold up to 200 pounds! The bands are super easy to assemble and detach tubing as you get stronger!

I’m now the proud owner of 5 pull ups all by myself! Zero assistance just pure body weight.

  • 💪 2 in 1: Pull-ups and chest expander in 1. While it’s hanging, you can use it to assist with pull-ups. When you take it off, it can also be used as a chest expander, which can be used for multiple purposes.
  • 💪 Multi Exercises: Use it to complete a variety of workouts, such as pull-ups, biceps curls, triceps training, crunches, chest clips, pull down, forearm strength training.
  • 💪 Premium Quality: Features a natural latex resistance band that can withstand over 200 lbs. AAA seat belt level strap, safe, sturdy and convenient, so you can exercise with confidence.
  • 💪 Easy to Install: The number of bands can be adjusted according to your strength, and the length of the strap can be adjusted according to your height, which is very user-friendly.
  • 💪 Lifetime Warranty: Only replace, not repair, valid for life! All quality problems, free new replacements, no need to return bad items.

Now, this just didn’t happen over night – It’s still a major work in progress but the bands mimic the actual pull up allowing for excellent form and training.

Pull-ups require effort and patience. Weekly practice and challenges are mandatory to strengthen the back muscles.

Get a grip! Once you strap the assistance pull up band to a secure location you are ready to go. Simply step one foot – the dominate foot works best, grip the bar and lift off!

The following grip styles help work different muscles in the body.

Wide grip pull up

Two handed pull up

close grip pull up

reverse grip pull up AKA chin up

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Rest days are a MUST! The body needs to repair and restore. I like to mix my rest days with foam rolling and a percussion massager. Both are great for targeting sore and stiff muscles. It’s actually thereputic and calming to foam roll every night before bed. Percussion massager

I personally like to fire up my diffuser and get a scent going. My favorite aroma is lavender or eucalyptus. This makes my stretching and massage experience delightful.

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