Bringing Sweaty Back


Wellcome to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Home of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Mr. Chicken Fry planned a college trip visit for our beloved teen queen. An informal “family” college visit to see the University of Arkansas. Our first time to see the city and state that our precious baby will live in for the next several years.

From our home in Dallas, Texas, this is about a five hour drive but who’s counting? (Huh) This is the point in my story where I’m suppose to tell you that it’s a super easy pretty scenic drive and maybe it will be but I was underwhelmed. Perhaps it’s a bad time of year or ramifications from the winter storm because all of the surrounding landscape and vegetation was brown and dead. On the other hand it’s most likey just my mindset…denial!!

We spent the weekend getting the lay of the land in this bustling college town. Apparently like many states, Arkansas is just breaking out of a long stretch of lockdown. Over the next month, bars and restaurants will open at minimum capacity.

We stayed at THE GRADUATE (hotel) which is about 3-5 min off-campus. It’s a 15 story high-rise boutique hotel overlooking the town square and campus. It had spectacular views and a sunset to brag about.

The Graduate Hotel is unique and artsy. It’s decor complements the college setting and offers style and comfort. Within walking distance to the square or Dixon and College streets which seemed to be the main drag. We had a two-room spacious suite on the 14th floor. Super roomy. In the future, having the small bar, sink, frig and Keurig will be awesome for pre-parties and game days!

I was most impressed with the large campus. The rolling hills and cozy streets gave me a sense of nostalgia. All of the original buildings, restaurants, bars, hotels and shops are authentic. The glowing lights and music pumping from college dives was infectious. ALL OF THE students are young and beautiful. The positive energy is thick. A group of guys shooting hoops, frat boys mowing the lawn, girls sipping coffee in a swing, coeds walking and talking without a care in the works. COLLEGE LIFE! The weather was a crisp sunny 65 and chilly 35 late night.

There is an on campus hotel called The Inn at Carnall Hall! I hear many prefer this hotel because it’s within walking distance to sporting events and games. The Inn at Carnall Hall offers history and elegance. A great place to visit, stay and or share a meal.

This is Dixon Street.


The campus is big but has a small town feel! It’s sets up high which offers some super cool views. The sorority and frat houses are ginormous. Each house with a unique style and proudly displaying their letters! Most of the students use lime scooters

to scoot around town. Many also bike or walk to get around. From a FITness standpoint the 1,400 feet above sea level will keep the freshmen 15 off! Plenty of elevation for walking or biking on campus.

I was able to get a quick virtual tour of the dorm by the teen queen. She was kind enough to give me a less than 3 min tour because, “mom I have to get ready to go out”. It’s a right of passage to move away from the comforts of home to live and experience shared small spaces with strangers. The way I see it, I’m basically packing up my most prized possession, the teen queen, to drop her off in a cracker box! Good luck teen queen. See you in a few months.

Aside from a stellar education AND… SEC football, NCAA college basketball, Razorback baseball and more…Fayetteville has it going on.

Fayetteville offers a ton of Angi type activity. Nearby hiking, biking, walking and jogging trails! There is also beautiful lakes for sunsets and fun water sports lake life! Wine bars, art, thrifting or antiquing…there is plenty to do and explore. HECK maybe we will mover here!  LOL 

Mr. Chicken Fry made reservations on Friday at Bordino’s. It was excellent. A modern vibe restaurant and bar with a great menu. At the risk of sounding cheesy we so needed this night. We both confessed that the time went way too fast. Admitting our inability to believe she’s really going to college in another state!

After touring and shopping we had a late lunch at the all popular Hugo’s underground. The food was five star excellent. If you look close you can see the pink neon sign in the sunset pic above.  This bar/restaurant is a MUST.   

I had their signature tuna steak. Mr. Chicken Frys burger and fries were on point.

For dinner we walked to Cheers at the Old Post Office. It’s super historic and fun. We too felt like we were on a mini vaca. A semi couples trip and yet in the back of your mind hoping your child doesn’t do stupid stuff. The bar, the scene, the salad, the grill and the wait staff was hopping!  I hear CHEERS has a stellar brunch and I will be testing it out next time.  


It wouldn’t be a college visit without spirit wear RIGHT?  We made a long stop at THE CAMPUS BOOK STORE on Dickson street.

In a way I felt super cool about the 25% percent off sale.  We were all like wild unleashed tigers out for blood.  Combing thru all the Arkansas wear like newbies.  We came away with several shopping bags and I guess you could say we are all officially RAW RAW ARKANSAS!

I refuse to say sooie whoo pig!  

What do you like about Fayetteville?  


Angi xoo



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