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Value Meal

The difference between you and me could be our opinion on a VALUE MEAL!

If you think that $2 , two for one tacos at Jack in the Box is a value meal, just stop right here!

Does this qualify as a value to you? I mean look at the grease!?!?  Is that even real meat?

I got nothing against tacos but geese louise-zie. It’s so bad, the grease has actually penetrated the hard corn taco shell through to the paper sack. That’s just plain nasty-ness!!!

Ladies and gents,

When fast food joints like McDonald’s and Taco Bell weaved their slimy way into our lives flaunting their flashy neon drive thru signs in our face, we were gung-ho! Parents, teens, and families every where flocked to places like Long John Silvers, Burger King and many others because we didn’t know any better. We were tired of the same old home cooked meat loaf and spaghetti dinners. No wonder we were all mesmerized with the “Happy Meal” which was just genius advertising ploy.  We fell for it alright, hook line and sinker.

Do you feel valued after you eat a meal from a fast food joint?

The value meal campaigns failed us all.

After years of mass public consumption of hefty amounts of “value meals” we are not any better off!  As a whole, Americans are not healthier! We didn’t save any more time!  We certainly didn’t lose weight.  There has been ZERO nutritional gain.

Want to know why? There is no such thing as a value meal at a fast food joint!  It’s a hoax.  The joke is on us!  It’s nothing but bad, processed food in a hurry.  The only VALUE is that it comes out quick and you drive away.  (if they get your order right).

BUT there is such a thing as a VALUE taco!  Yes. The other night I ordered the street chicken soft tacos. Chunks of (dry) grilled chicken in a soft corn tortilla were served with sides of fresh cilantro, lime, jalapeño, verde sauce and onions which I used to decorate my perfect taco!  It was devine!  That’s what I call a VALUE ADD!

Where do you place your value when it comes to food?  Is time of the essence?  Are most of your meals rushed or on the go?  As busy Americans, I’m fully aware that there are unique times of food deprivation because you are pressed for time. Kids, work, business travel, life, can cause your diet to implode. In these intense circumstances  – Make a better bad choice!  Meaning, if fast food is your only saving grace, choose wisely.  Look for a Wendy’s, Chipotle, Starbucks or a Chick-fil-A, Choose items on the lighter fare side and always drop the cheese and sauces.  Grilled options are best and no dressings on the salad!

The smart alternative is to make a run for the grocery story and grab something  healthy  from the deli department!

You will be so much better off if you slipped into a Whole Foods or a Tom Thumb and bellied up to the deli counter. Save money and calories by packing a snack bag and or making pre-planned meal.  The upfront work is so worth keeping the waist line and healthy heart in check.

Here is a list of grocery store  quickies!

Deli lunch meat (for roll ups or wraps or deli sandwich)

canned or pouch tuna

boiled eggs



shredded or grilled chicken


protein bar

protein shake

browned turkey meat (for tacos or salads)

These foods pack well in containers or zip lock baggies.

If time is on your side but you lack kitchen skills I got your back.  Think vibrant value meals!   A healthy home cooked meal is bold in color and flavor.  This doesn’t mean fancy and time-consuming.  A decent value meal should encompass a beautiful red or green vegetable /salad, a hearty grilled protein, and a zesty grainy carb.  No messy butter or oil drippings.

Make it easy with pre-packed lettuce!  Toss in a few cherry tomatoes, some cucumber slices, a few spoonfuls of canned corn, a piece of pre prepared grilled or baked chicken and a spritz of lime juice!    Select a piece of chicken, a half a sweet potatoe and a steamed veritable medley!

 A grainy carb, a hearty vegetable and a protein is a value! It’s not only the best bang for your buck  but also your body!

I’m all about the two for one special but not at the cost of poor nutrition.

Ladies, we all know the value in a great two fee! But we are not talking about a combo two in one shampoo/ conditioner offer.  This is not some dual brush mascara ad. We aren’t talking about a sale on cute reversible leggings…I’m talking about the quality of food you are ingesting. A reversible t-shirt will wear out but your body is built for long-term health. Don’t serve it up a slacker value meal to save a buck or two or even 10 minutes.  It’s not worth the waist line adage.

Life changing value. By literally changing the food that goes into your body and the timing of when and how frequently you eat, you can kick start your metabolism and add value to your life.

Stop treating yourself like a buy one get one free.

Learn to live lean!  It’s possible!  It’s so possible and I have been doing it for over 22 years now!  I didn’t come out of the womb with a heart for nutrition.  I let chicken nuggetts gang up on me.  I put an end to it and never looked back.

You can do the same!

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