Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

FITness “WISH” List

Hi beautiful!  It’s a terrific Tuesday, just because I said so!

Today I’m taking a poll.

I’m almost positive that I have NEVER met a woman, who given the chance, wouldn’t change something about their body. It’s like a built-in genetic code in the female DNA structure.  It could also be the phony world in which we live and our social pressure which whispers “you’re not ______enough!”   Outwardly we may be down right content with our appearance. Yet, subconsciously, in the deep crevis of our mind, we have “those” areas that we secretly detest. Certain aspects of the body that we would tweak if only our fairy God Mother would show up and twirl her magic wand.  Or where is Aladdin when you need him for a wish?

So spill it, what’s your FIT wish?  Keep in mind that you cannot change bone structure.  Your bones are the foundation.  However, you can melt fat, shape, tone and add muscle until the cows come home.  Essentially be your own genie and make your FIT wishes come true!  Don’t be so quick to fix the problem at the plastic surgery center.  Save your money for good wholesome foods and rich cheat meals!

My personal FIT wish list has changed over the years (15 years) and really, has become a weekly work in progress!    

pot belly pooch

lean muscular biceps and triceps

strong lats

defined chest

strong lean muscular legs 

Need more attention in the inner thigh area


defined inner thighs

defined hamstrings

My hamstrings are weak from injuries/ need to build up the sweep 

pronounced calfs

V shaped obliques

Non stop challenge for the V-shape abs

 lean defined back and lats

In my house I rotate furniture and change things all the time when I get bored.  The same is true for my FIT list.  I revise and update it all the time.  Basically my FIT wish list is in a continual state of rotation.  About the time I’m pleased or feel ripped in my back or abs, my chest or inner things will feel flabby.  It’s a never-ending crusade for FITness.


From the nose to the toes make the most of what you have and save surgery as a last resort.  I hear women complain about their tummy, thighs, hips and butts. Usually weight loss and toning in these areas is greatly desired. Ladies you’re in luck because thankfully we can hone in and target these trouble spots.

Tummy trouble

I wish I had different news but all of the crunches, sit ups and planks in the world will NOT get you a washboard tummy!  Believe it or not, a clean healthy diet will deplete and shrink the mid section. It’s imperative to eat high fibrous green leafy protein packed meals to melt the middle. Once your diet is in check you can begin to target your obliques and hand carve a muscular stomach.

Start with old school sit ups.  Step one, anchor your feet under a couch or something that will not tip over!! I’m not responsible for injuries and don’t want you to get hurt so step one in this case is critical.  Cross your hands over your chest and sit up. These babies target the entire abdominal area.  For focus on the lower abs, try some reverse crunches.  Anchor yourself the opposite direction with your hands or head under something sturdy like a bed  and lift your butt off the ground.  Start with 8-12 reps and complete 4-8 sets.  As you get stronger shoot for 40 reps at a time and 10 sets.

My humps, my humps

My lovely lady lumps. The inner and outer thigh areas rub some ladies the wrong way. No pun intended.  Toning the inner and outer thigh requires two actions. You have to melt the fat by walking, jogging, stairmaster, elliptical, or stair climber and by sculpting the leg with direct movements.  Inner thigh squats and plies’ create gorgeous legs.  Elevating one foot at a time (curb, bench, BOSU) adds some pressure to the abductors muscles which help stimulate growth. Also knows as torching fat, burning calories and getting pumped!  Don’t forget about the infamous side lunge…watch your form on these suckers!

Tricep Tone

Three is the charm on the tricep.  Work this knobby muscle from all angles.  Dips, diamond push ups, kick backs, french curls, skull crusher and press outs. Again start your reps in the 12-15 range and work up from there.  You got this sweet pea!

What’s your FIT wish list?  What muscle group are you ready to change?  What steps are you taking to cross these action items off of your list?   

I’m a genie in a bottle baby….

Love, wish and LIFT! 

img_0773Angi xo

NOTE* always consult a doctor before you begin a rigorous workout program.  


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