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Do NOT be dismayed.  I don’t want to discuss or debate anything remotely revolving around politics.

I want to debate something deep and balanced.  A topic for all Americans to digest.  I want to discuss the diet debacle.  I also want you to “weigh in” with your thoughts on this ever changing imbalanced subject.

PALEO vs low carb/ high protein diet

For over 20 years I have had great success maintaining a lean, and at times ripped, physically FIT physique by eating a low carb high protein diet. Granted, I also bust my booty in the gym several times a week.  The premise of my “lifestyle’ eating plan is exactly the way it’s titled,  “low carbohydrate high protein” eating.  I encourage my fellow workout warriors to do the same. I have never believed in cutting out carbs or primary food groups in the pyramid.  The trendy fad diets that promise massive weight loss are, at the very least, only a temporary fix.  

By now you must realize that this is a one-sided debate!!

So… here is my theory.  Let’s pretend you buy a new car and for a while you maintain it with good care.  You refill the wiper fluid, gas, oil, and other essentials required to keep your car performing.  Now say a year down the road you decide to quit changing the oil.  

Sure, your car will operate for a while without the oil but eventually  it will choke and smoke and will require oil to run efficiently.The-Paleo-Diet

It is my opinion that cutting back on carbs is necessary and good but deleting them completely is a big miss!  TRUE, anyone will lose weight by extrapolating carbohydrates from their eating routine.  However, the second the bread, cereal, pasta or carb of choice enters the body it wants more and it will E X P AAA N D accordingly.

In studying the Paleo plan as a whole I think it is very organized and richly organic. Keep in mind that it was developed (eons ago) and reestablished later for sickly people as an anti inflammatory and digestive treatment.  Paleo’s main source of fuel is based around eating a ton of protein, which is awesome.  It also preaches large amounts of fruits (as much as you want) and nuts. The unlimited fruit method is crazy to me because of the  high sugar content.  I know fruit is a pure source of sugar but it still adds up at the end of the day.  Paleo also advocates avocado, eggs, bacon and sausage which is a HUGE perk but it does NOT allow milk or whole grain rice or pasta. (phooey)


It is for this very reason that I stand against the Paleo plan. (long term anyway)  While the program has helped several of my friends and neighbors drop significant weight, I’m not sure it is ideal for “lifestyle” living.  I have said time after time that I’m all about convenience.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out  When all else fails, FAKE IT!   So you see, that to me, cooking and preparing foods with a special kind of flour and it just to much for me.  I basically have to prepare three different meals at any given time to begin with so for the “I don’t cook” people…this will never work for you.  

Just hear me out…this diet is NOT bad for you in any way form or fashion.  Nothing could be wrong with eating organic fruits and veggies from the earth.  It the lack of whole grain breads and rice that I think is stingy.  And milk…it does the body got because it contains  so many good nutrient values.  GOT MILK?  I can promise you I do!!  

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Anyone want to debate?  Let’s at least argue a little…  humor me! !

Love, truce and lemon juice,

Angi xo

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