Muscles and Mascara


Massage!!!  Awhh, the mere thought of an appointment for any kind of massage makes me want to strip down, stretch, relax and take a load off.

I know it’s not for everyone which is fine because that means more for me!  You people don’t know what you are missing.   Suffice it to say, I’m a ginormous fan of all things massage!  Bring it on!  I’m all about a deep tissue, full body 90 min massage.  Boi!

From the second I smell lavender or scented oil and hear the sound of waves I’m sucked in!  I place my face in that small inner tube like circle on the massage table and take a giant in hale then exhale. You may enter now!  The second the masseuse comes in and starts rubbing my scalp, I’m finished…gone.  Totally transported to a calm perfect planet.  I’m fully surrendered to the moment and a pack of wolves couldn’t scare me off the table!  The human touch is amazingly therapeutic. What is so wrong with someone that they wouldn’t like this?  

It’s different for everyone but I happen to hold stress in the shoulders and neck.   No pain no gain.  I lay still, with a grin and bear mind set during the knot removal in my neck.  Taking deep breaths and heavy exhales I can feel the tension releasing with each thrust  of her thumbs. YES HER!  I most certainly prefer a female masseuse. The ONLY man I want rubbing his hands on my body is my Mr. Chicken Fry. 😉

Speaking of which, when I first began dating Mr. Chicken Fry, he called his mom to arrange our first official double date dinner with his folks.  I specifically remember his daddy answering the phone and saying that mom could not come to the phone because she was upstairs in the middle of a massage.  WOW!  I thought that this was so ultra posh and fancy.  Apparently his parents had a personal masseuse on speed dial.  “Their lady,” came to the house twice a week without question.   I knew right away that this was the family for me!  I guess you could say they had me from MASSAGE!

As it turns out, my mother in law, who will remain nameless and ageless, has been in favor of weekly massage for years!  She whole heartedly swears by a weekly if not more, one hour full body massage to keep the blood flowing! This is a woman’s after my own heart. Furthermore she believes it keeps her joints lose and prevents all kinds of stress and unhealthy issues that creep in. She calls it her medicinal massage!  I’ll take that!  To know, my mother in luv, is to know a youthful vibrant intelligent go getter. She’s never shown a gray hair a day in her life and she will not start anytime soon!  I’m telling yall, this lady rocks and rolls like a 30 something!  She drives a convertible mustang that she won in a Las Vegas slots tournament if this is any kind of visual of the lady I call my own. Aside from deep tissue massage, she love Jesus,  hair color, makeup and all things that  sparkle, shimmer and shine.

She truly taught me the vital importance of massage.  Laying still, releasing bad energy while listening to ocean waves or a trickle of water or a flute playing low in the background.  Even a pressure point temple massage can transcends your mind and relax your body.

Start from the top up or the bottom up if your a little shy or skeptical.  A full 15-30 min foot massage will convert you in no time. Shoot, all of the nerve endings are in the feet which take the brunt of your busy life. Give them a break!  You will think you have died and gone to heaven.  A good scalp massage, from a barber or hair dresser will give you chills up your spine.


Do you even know or are you acutely aware of where your body holds stress?  Do some self evaluation and find out!  Some carry stress around all day like a back pack full of bricks.  Mr. Chicken Fry holds his tension in the lower back area. Others have constant pain in the calves or shoulders. I suggest you take an inventory of your body and figure out where you feel tension or pain.  Bullseye…this is where you carry stress.

Say you don’t have any stress well maybe you have aches and pain from not being active enough.  It’s totally a thing.  For those who sit all day at a desk job you may have lower leg or ham string pain. Athletes can benefit from deep tissue massages to relax sore muscles from weight and agility training.

If you are hell-bent on not getting a professional back or foot massage try water therapy also known as hydrotherapy.  Spa Castleor King Spa offer a variety of water massage techniques for all areas of your body.  Water pressure that vibrates on your spine, back, shoulders, etc   It reminds me of a hot tub on steroids.

A foam roller is also a fine way to relieve muscular tension.  Check out this piece on foam rolling  I massage my own tired sore feet and muscles with Blue-Emu cream.  I believe in it like no other cream on the market.  It’s deep penetrating oil really works.  I use Blue-Emu the day after a massage to ease the tenderness I might experience from from the deep pressure rubs.


What can I say?  Did I convert you?

Love, pray, sweat, breath deep and repeat!




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