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Show me your SHADOW


Hello Beautiful, it’s Monday!  Let’s do something fun!


Why not?

To shadow means to follow and observe (someone) closely. Like walking in their footsteps or shadowing someone in their work or lifestyle.  

When is the last time you caught a glimpse of your shadow?  For me it was Saturday when I was out for a jog.  And I gotta say, I was looking rather long, lean and lovely!


RIGHT?  I look like I’m walking on stilts!!  I spend quite a bit of time outside braving the elements of the always changing Texas weather. Sometimes, like yesterday, the sunlight cast its ray just right and I could see my my shadow.  Sometimes it’s swanky and slender but sometimes it’s stumpy and round.

It’s all a matter of lighting and perspective.  The angle of the sun projecting and the time of day, it’s child like but I think its so cool.

So join me.  “SHOW ME YOUR SHADOW”

I’m a ginormous goof and totally in touch with my inner cheesy self.  At 43 years old I’m confident and cool with my abandon to the artsy fartsy side.  Now is not the time to be  bashful.  Don’t hurt yourself but show me your creative shadow moves.    Come on, you know you want to!

So check this out, after you show me your shadow, I want you to make a decision to shadow me. That’s right, I want you to track my lifestyle choices and follow my workouts.  Pursue a healthy regimen with me and I will show you all things FITness and health.  

Where I lead, you will follow.  I will be your FITness guide.  I promise NOT to take you to a candy store or ANY fast food drive thru lines. You’re welcome!  I also promise not to make you COOK gooey gourmet meals. I hate the kitchen.  lol  For once and for all you will live guilt FREE!  Don’t freak out,  I won’t force you to live on cabbage soup and water.  But, I will not allow you to snack on fried foods and drink sugary beverages but you are going to LIVE!

We will meal prep and workout. We will lift weights and burn FAT!  How great does that sound?   We will be active and make time for cardio at least twice a week.  We will smile and YES we will EAT.  A hungry body is a healthy body.  We will have SOO MUCH energy.  You will learn to love chop sticks and brown rice. By the way,  boiling water does not count as cooking.  We will get all kinds of crazy with condiments and we shall not dice…only spice.   We will give up alcohol during the week BUT, we will be busy…busy little bee’s burning calories and doing all sorts of things.  Just like this guy.  I saw this baby bumble bee while running.


Dare I suggest getting the Christmas tree down from the attic for a fun family activity?

At the end of the day, we will rest and then we will repeat.  This shadow program offers so many benefits.  Your mood will perk up and your health will improve.  You will lose fat and inches.  You will have energy and your clothes will not be so snug.

I’m begging you to step out of your self and JUMP into a FITness journey.  Take a chance and follow me into a healthy and hungry appetite for FITness.


What to expect: when you’re shadowing Double A?  Methodical, disciplined and ritualistic behavior. That a fancy way of saying that basically I’m boring and eat the same things over and over again. Day after day dedication to feeding my muscles and body lean protein and vegetables with nutrients for sustained energy.

SWEAT! Yes, those round droplets of water that form when you actually excerpt yourself.  Sounds glamorous right?  I think about all the sweat the pro athletes pout out.  Sweat glistens girl.  Don’t be afraid…shine bright like a diamond doll.  Sometimes these sweat sessions make your muscles sore.  Sometimes you think  you might not be able to get off the toilet.  Suck it up sister…the first week is alway the worst.  It get better.


You can also expect to eat.  A hungry body is a healthy body.  You can expect to stock your fridge and pantry with a list of Abercrombie approved food items.  You don’t have to think outside of the box…stay in my shadow for a month or so.  Get comfortable in the box and build up some steam and get lean.


Learn the fundamentals and get comfortable with the plan and exercise.  Get locked into a steady groove.  By January you will be ready to step out and cast your very own funky FIT shadow.  FLEXY, FLEXY!




Let me be your jump-start.  Don’t postpone your goals until January.  Start today, mid month.  WHY not?  Stop lurking in the shadow of your own darkness. It’s boring and cold.   My shadow is bustling with easy fun ideas to keep you motivated to lose weight and feel great.

Show me you’re really interested?  Make a comment below and post your shadow photo to one of my social media outlets.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  BE CAREFUL!

Let’s use #showmeyourshadow #abercrombieFITness #abercrombieshadows

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Love, shine and  tighten that behind!



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