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Tid Bit Tuesday: TART

Get smart, go TART!

Just thinking about the adjective TART, my mouth immediately begins to water. Seriously, my tongue starts to sweat.  Maybe it’s because I crave sweets and that word forces me to imagine a giant chewy lemon Sweetart!  You remember, the big four pack and nothing but SUGGA!  Wow.

Some of you are thinking about the classic Kellogg’s POP TART toaster pastry filled with warm gooey strawberry yumminess and icing on the top.  Whoa baby, those were the days!  I gotta tell ya, my Mr. Chicken Fry demands that I keep these sweet treats stashed away in  the back of the pantry just for him.  What is he, a 10-year-old boy?

Listen up lovely, the only TART we need to be concerned about is the natural kind!  Today’s “Tid Bit Tuesday is not about candy, pastries or sweets.  Today, we are all about the tart, bout the tart, no mellow!!!!     

If you joined me yesterday, I’m going to assume you decided to step into my shadow.  Congratulations!  A big part of my process is sippingdrinking, chugging water like it’s going out of style.  Not a ton, but tons and tons of water all day long.  I admit that I often get bored with ice cubes and excessive water consumption.  I feel the need to get jiggy with it.

That’s when I get TURNT up for TART.  I add a little something something tart to the mix and jazz up my H20.  A few little squirts never hurt a girl!

A tid bit of tart enhances even the dullest of liquids.  Stock up on oranges, lemons and limes by the groves.

When the weekly meal prep time rolls around, slice and cut up all of the tart fruits you can find.  This way you have it ready to squeeze, drop and drink.  The natural tart and citrus flavor is also a great source of vitamin C.

Granny Smith green apples are as tart as they come.  These fiber rich round favorites make an excellent morning or afternoon snack. No peanut butter on my watch.

Rock and roll with some tangy tart raspberries and blackberries.  I prefer to clean and freeze my berries for a crunchy tart taste in my nightly bowl of cereal.  Thank you BERRY much!

My morning ritual is a cup of coffee and a not so tart lemon Quest bar.  It’s power packed with protein and I can’t live without it.

Get smart, go tart!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s “Tid-Bit Tuesday”

Love, hug and pucker up butter cup!  xo


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