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Dig Deep December

A shout out to the all STAR Dallas Cowboys who are on a glorious winning streak. America’s Team is back y’all!  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted and the dark cloud of disappointment has blown over.  The city is electric with energy and it feels so good!

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Today’s post is a “Feel Good Friday” message of LOVE

Warning, news alert, it’s DECEMBER SECOND for the love of Christmas!  Did your stress level quadruple yesterday when the calendar rolled over to the last month of the year? Does the combination of Christmas and year-end make you grit your teeth, tense up and want to flee to Mexico?

I wish I could pump the brakes on all of the PRESSURE!  Christmas cards, decorations inside and out, school parties, programs and teacher gifts.  Shopping!!!!   SPENDING!!!!  Cooking and cleaning!   More family gatherings!  Crappy holiday party platters and COOKIES.

Ok Angi, deep breath, take a big breath and massage the tips of the ears and chant WUOOO SAHH  WUOOO SAHH!

Some of y’all are just so “holiday minded” you’re not bothered at all.  You’re fired up ready to rush out and blaze a trail on the internet or the shopping malls. The christmas  decorations were a breeze because you have it down to a fine science.  Your family Christmas photo cards are practically stamped and in the mail.  The stress of hosting family gatherings is not on your radar because this is what you live for and you do it so well. I envy you!  Your attitude toward Christmas is equal to my attitude toward working out!  It just comes natural.

Several years ago, I gave it up! I let it go. No goof ball, I didn’t boycott Christmas, I LOVE this time of year.  I just got choosey that’s all.  I made an executive decision to let go of all the things that robbed me of JOY.  Tis the season to be merry and I had turned into adark mean merry.

I gave myself full permission to focus on the One Solitary Life, the TRUE meaning of Christmas.  Guess what, I haven’t sent Christmas cards out in 6 years and I still have a pulse.  HELLO and THANK YOU SOCIAL MEDIA!   I backed WAY off of buying mindless gifts for people who don’t need a single thing.  Instead, I chose to adopt a family or several ANGEL TREE recipients and bless and serve others!  Seriously what if you don’t send out Christmas cards? !  What if you shut down from the rush of the ticking christmas clock and focus on a different kind of discipline.

What if you DIG deeper this DECEMBER?  STOP, it’s not what you think.  You think I’m going to ask you to dig deep into a workout routine and you’re right!  BUT that’s not all.

Yesterday was is the first day of Advent!  This will be my third year in a row to do Ann Voskamps’s The Greatest Gift.  Click on the blue link which will direct you to Amazon.  BUY it today!  It’s not to late to start!

REALLY, there are no words to describe the blessing it pours out.  It’s family friendly and can also be interactive. I have been in a different emotional place every year therefore the book speaks to me.  It meets me right where I need it the most and brings me back to center.

Buy this book then put your wallet away.  Trust me… follow this 25 day adventure deep into the family tree of King JESUS!   None of the extra stuff matters.  Sure it’s fun and festive and there is nothing wrong with that.  But if you find yourself in a season of grief, divorce, boredom, lazyness, dissastisfaction, guilt, shame, stagnet, or chaos, this is exactly the remedy you require.

I print out the paper ornaments and cut them out one by one every day.  I start from the bottom up.  I tape an ornament to the side of my frig which ultimately takes the shape of a Christmas Tree.  Dig deep into your history.  You are apart of the family.  Chronicle the heritage of KING Jesus through the artful words of Ann Voskamp.  You will not be sorry!!

For those Christmas minded folks, get take it a step up and get fancy with it.  You can purchase the actual ornaments from Amazon →ORNAMENTS. Or direct from Ann’s site…as if I know her!  

You can use a small christmas tree and hang one ornament each day to represent the family tree of Christ.  I’m not that clever…tape and scissors for  me y’all…just keeping it real. NOTE use code (JESSE) to print the ornaments.

I’m not asking for much.  It’s such a simple two page a day deal.  I have an idea, make your kids read you a chapter each night while you sip on hot tea or a glass of wine.

Lastly,  I hope you have turned up the heat on your workouts. Santa’s watching!

Happy Friday!

Love, peace and pick up the book and READ!



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