Muscles and Mascara, Tid Bit Tuesday

Tid BIT Tuesday: Spot up

MeRRRRrry ChristmaaasSSS!

This is one heck of a TOP HAT dont you think?!?!   I saw this ten gallon topper in the center of a table at a party last weekend.  It was supposed to be a festive focal point for the table, but not on my watch.  I casually made my way over to table and snatched it right up.  This Frosty the snowman look alike hat was practically begging to be modeled!  Isn’t it fantastic?  You can’t miss it.  Your eyes are oddly drawn to it’s bold stature like a moth is drawn to a flame.

It’s true, you know.  Where the eyes wander, the body will follow.  It’s the very reason why texting and driving are a lethal combo.  If a drivers eyes are not focused on the frontal activity and gaze away or down at the phone, the body’s natural response is to follow the eyes.

As a FITness professional,  it’s my obligation to DRILL valuable etiquette into the brains of my lovely workout warriors. I’m constantly preaching and teaching the importance of proper form and technique.  One of the most common inherent mistakes most people make is looking down.

“SPOT UP baby doll,  spot up,” I say with an encouraging smile. “But I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror,” they all say.  Unfortunately this is an all too common to which I kindly respond, “sweetie, I don’t care if you look at yourself but you do need to look up   into that mirror and focus on something in the reflection.”

Abercrombie and FITness is not a buffet yall.  My gym is NOT a serve yourself kind of atmosphere.  For roughly an hour, I’m the boss of you and I want it done my way which is the best way!  If you want results…do it my way!

“Spotting up” in the gym is a learned habit and a tremendous help with balance and stability.  By gazing the eyes straight forward or slightly upward, the body centers.  Glancing down or gazing at the floor, the heads only alternative is to drop causing instability.

Want to throw off your balance, look down…!  Think of a high wire act.  There is a reason that guy keeps his head straight and eyes full frontal.


Single leg deadlifts are such a great exercise for the hamstrings and core.  It’s imperative to keep the head neutral and eyes forward. The doll in the striped head band is positioned perfect for the start of a single leg deadlift. 

Notice here I’m demonstrating a deadlift with a flat back, slightly bent knees and a neutral neck.  My eyes are focused straight forward.   


Here we have an atlas lunge which is a balancing act forward lunge with a twist.  Her form is beautiful.


See Miss T in the green top is about to enter gloom and doom.  She is attempting a single leg deadlift but look at her eyes…WRONG!  From the start her stare is downward instead of upward.   It’s virtually impossible to keep balanced by looking down on this exercise.

Watch the position of her head and neck.  Look at her back leg…she lost balance and couldn’t perform the exercise properly.  I  corrected her in hurry!

The two girls below are rocking a side chop from a BOSU balance traienr.  This is a grade A exercise.  It requires focus, core strength and balance.  Looking down is not an option.  They will rock and roll their ankle if they don’t SPOT UP!


img_6466Thimg_6466e TRX trainer is another fun functional piece to use.  Watching in the mirror and spotting up is key.  With one wrong move using these handles it’s easy to fall backward or forward.  Losing a grip because your looking down could cause major injury not limited to a torn muscle and sore feelings.

Keep your eyes up and keep your eye on the prize.  A lean muscuar physique is the goal!

Love,  line up and spot up!     






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