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Chip lovers of the world, prepare to be amazed and hopelessly devoted!  I lucked out and landed a super-duper find on the crunch front.  The time has finally arrived and…drum roll please…we have ourselves a delicious HEALTHY chip.

Eat Smart snacks get a two thumbs up and Abercrombie and FITness seal of approval.

Just so you know,  I’m not a big salty dog!  Hands down I prefer sweets over salty treats any day of the week!  I get my kicks on candy and cake.  I have to be strong during the holidays because I can do some damage at the dessert table.  Back away from the santa cookies with icing!

When on occasion the mood strikes and I’m tempted for a salty crunch, I usually resort to the flat pretzel.  Whoa nelly, because that was then and this is now!


That’s not an order silly, it’s the brand name of the crisp new snacks I found and adore.

A new healthy line of all kinds of tantalizing zesty snacks!  I recently discovered the EAT SMART brand. The folks at Eat Smart have mastered the missing link. Their ingenuity has combined healthy and tasty which has been extremely hard to come by. Usually we FITness conscious consumers are forced to eat bland rice cake like and anti climactic snacks.  The sacrifice is over and we can now eat, in moderation of course, “nutritious and tasty” tid bits.

I assumed Mr. Chicken Fry would turn his fried greasy nose up at the bazillion bags I brought home.  Y’all, I totally busted him.  I caught him, FULL ON, with his hand, literally, down the Veggie Straw bag!  Yeah I did.  Whats more, the next day the bag was left empty and crumpled in the pantry…what is he 6 years old?

This picture says a thousand words… plus HE LIKES IT!  If Chicken Fry fancys the veggie chips all hail king chips eaters, because it must be better than decent.  Mr. Chicken Fry ‘s pallet is not easily pleased especially when it comes to anything marked or packaged as “good for you”.   Dare I admit how suspect he is when I bring home anything new.  If it’s not his ordinary…go to favorite bag of sour cream and onion potato chips, he flips out on  It’s hysterical.

I once brought home a package of KALE chips.  Have you ever seen kale chips?  There is nothing pleasing or salivating about a bowl of kale chips. Unless, you are one out of a million drawn to a mossy green scare bear look of dried sea weed.  If that’s what really wets your whistle and makes your tongue tingle have at it.   By the looks of it, dried Kale gets a big giant zero on the appearance front.  When I first brought some home, Mr. Chicken Fry shook his head in horror and mumbled “Just when I thought it could get any worse, my wife brings home a concoction of cardboard, air and sea weed to snack on.”  I have never lived this one down.  And coincidentally I’m not totally turned off of the taste of dried kale but it’s not a staple go to.

I just keep laughing and trying new stuff.

Wham o, out of no where I hit it out of the park!  Look at all of the variety.  Being a plain jane chip girl, I like the sea salt tortilla chip the best. The texture of the chip isn’t too light or too thick. If you’re a big dipper kind of guy,  you will like the shape and size for scooping.  Bring on the guacamole & salsa.

Guess what else?  All of these chips are natural and GLUTEN FREE!  Side bar but do you think that the lunatic that writes and publishes the service size labels can actually sleep at night.  Seriously?  I almost never agree with with the labels because who only eats 3/4 cup of cereal?  I think these bright minded got it right.  The serving size accounts for 14 chips for 140 calories and two grams of protein.  Talk about winning! I love that the serving size keeps it real!  14 medium size chips is a generous portion and plenty enough.

The garlic hummus flavor is strong.  It was a wee bit pungent for my taste buds but by all means be my guest.   If you’re the bold flavor type, you are in for a real treat.


You best believe it….my baby girl is also a fan!  Thankfully!  I finally found a brand of healthy snacks for all three of us!  It’s a genuine Christmas miracle.  I can actually feel great about packing side snacks in baby dolls lunch without guilt free.  Before EAT SMART me and my teenager were at war.  My typical teenager wanted me to pack a bunch of unhealthy crap!  Mainly processed chips and crackers that are high in fat and mindless carbs as fares I’m concerned. I do what most mothers do and resorted to filling her lunch sack up with fruit and chia seed snacks. Not really, I was totally broken and lost.  I had just about given up.  But deep in my gut I knew there had to be an alternative to gold-fish and cheese its!

Eat Smart and all of its glory has won our hearts!  (no pun intended)

Lastly, this is not a liscence to over indulge.  Moderation and balance my dear workout warrior! When it doubt refer to the SERVICE SIZE label!   

Love, forgive, share your heart and EAT SMART!



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