Bringing Sweaty Back

Vanity Pounds

Girlfriends, the pesky last 5-10 pounds can be so frustrating. RIGHT?!?    Why is it so hard?   Most likely it’s because vanity pounds have nothing to do with actual health.   The last 5-10 pounds are generally a personal preference! I look at vanity pounds as a personal individual ascetic.  We all have a set… Continue reading Vanity Pounds

I don't cook


Nekter is a juice bar in Southlake, Texas. My teenager practically begged me to drive 20 minutes for a smoothie that she claimed would change my life.  My 14-year-old daughter knows me well.    Nekter, where have you been all of my ever lovin life and why in the heck are there only four of you… Continue reading Nekter

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Weight A Minute

Stop, wait a minute, your weight flucuated 4 whole pounds over night.  The female flux is real.  Contrary to what your husband or boyfriend believes, you are not crazy.  It's not just in your mind, the female weight fluctuation can swing anywhere from 5-7 pounds on any given day. One minute you're feeling all kinds… Continue reading Weight A Minute