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What do teenagers, gravity, sunshine and Mr. Chicken Fry have in common?  They all cause massive amounts of wrinkles!  lol

Ladies and gents, you’re about to be crazy jealous!  After all, someone has to get out and do the dirty work.  I’m just a regular gal.  I’m a mom, the maid and a simple homemade health and FITness trainer / blogger sharing my experiences.  You can’t blame me just because Mr. chicken Fry has friends in all the right places!

It’s not my fault I stumbled upon some wonderful new things while in Los Angeles over the Summer.  In California we bumped into some old friends who introduced us to a new friend who just so happens to own SKIN LAB USAin West Hollywood.

Meet owner and founder, Josh Ross, most known for his R (result) O (oriented) S (skin) S (solutions).   Josh, a born and bred Texan,  showed his true southern roots by offering us a generous two-hour time block for a tour and some treatments!   Are you kidding, who would turn down beauty treatments at a posh day spa in Hollywood? Ummm not me…try and act cool Angi!

I gotta tell ya, that this came at the most opportune time after the brutal food poisoning experience.  Bring on the TLC!

SIGN US UP!  Four adults and two teens please! That was probably not cool and a little too much!  😑.

Josh offers a slew of non invasive procedures for the entire body!  Hydro facials, cool sculpting, and Rejuva pen.  I’m a southern classy lady who knows her place…a beggar can’t be a chooser, therefore when it was my turn, I layed down on the table, closed my eyes and said “make some magic and make me beautiful.”

Josh went to town on me with some the Venus radio frequency skin tightening thingy mabob!  He lathered me up and used the diamond roller concentrating on my lower jaw and neck!  Don’t let the redness fool you, this was just from the heat!

This gadget can actually be used around the entire face!  The four prong smooth roller balls heat up.  NO pinch, no pulling, no bruising, no hurting, no injecting or pain.  It was like getting a warm stimulating face and neck massage.  The results are immediate.  My skin was as smooth as a baby’s behind!  Look at this!

Tight and smooth!  I noticed a difference in the texture and tightness!  No down time!  No back in work or restrictions!  WOW!  I was of course encouraged to stay hydrated and drink lots of water!  Prices vary based on the area and or number of areas to be treated.

Mr. Chicken Fry is no stranger to luxury!  He’s such a gentlemen.  Instead of offering ‘a polite ladies first,”  we basically had to fist fight, draw straws, rock paper scissors for first in line!  He opted for the Venus Versa Microneedling which is a combo of micro needling and radio frequency around his eyes!  Work the crows feet!  I thought his results were on contact.  The harsh lines were more subdued.  Josh said that the full results takes 1-2 weeks to fully reveal.

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The only downside to this procedure is he was highly encouraged to stay out of the SUN!

The teen queen wanted her time on the table.  Josh would tackle the teen acne.  His fancy wand zit zapper is a magnetic electrode attacking bacteria on the skin.  He cleansed and  moisturized her skin

Ever heard of Cool Sculpting?  It’s the COOLEST trend in permanent fat loss!  (No pun intended). Bye bye turkey neck, under arm flab, belly pudge, flabby knees and love handles!  Yes this goes against my grain but I can’t do much for the turkey necks of the world so I give this the Abercrombie and FITness seal of approval.   It’s all over the TV and folks it works.  Our friend, who introducred us to Josh had it done all around his neck area and he looked 15 years  younger and thinner!

Does it hurt?  Yes at the very end but only a little! Our friend, a 56 year old male, opted for the Cool Sculpting. It takes about 2-3 months to see the full shrinkage and fat loss but it works.

This thing attaches to the neck and does its thing. No pinching, no sucking or weird vibration. It looked quite relaxing. Our friend turned off the lights and had a remote for Netflix. Not bad! Cool sculpting can be done on the arms or above the knees or waist area. After about 30-45 minutes total he was done. Josh has to massage the area that had been frozen and apparently it feels like tiny needs sticking for about 15 min then it’s over!! Let the frozen fat melt away.

I’m sharing the latest and greatest in the beauty world. And channeling my inner desire for vacation. I’m beyond ready for summer and sunshine and vitamin D.

Love, lift and be fit!


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