Bringing Sweaty Back, Makeup Monday

Back in pack mode

Good Morning friends and happy Friday.  I hope you all caught a glimpse of my Holiday Gift Guide and found some goodies for yourself or someone on your list.

Today, the Abercrombie’s are off on yet another family friendly adventure.  This time we are jetting to southern California for a week-long Thanksgiving break. Our trip begins with three days of back to back fun festivities in Hollywood.

We are celebrating a mega milestone birthday and wedding combo with some of our long time friends.  It’s a big to-do swanky affair…which calls for cocktail and formal wear! Whoop whoop…which means…I’ll be getting all dolled up y’all!

I’m super sonic excited for this three-day extravaganza but honey how is a girl to pack???

We will be attending a private meet and greet cocktail party on Friday evening, a haute couture ranch style (mid day) 60th birthday party Saturday and the grande finale formal wedding on Sunday afternoon. It’s going to be such a beautiful weekend filled with love, joy and friendship.  BUT…but I’m a hot mess.


What’s the problem?

The problem is packing!  It’s always a contentious mind boggling bitter sweet problem to have. I’ve admitted that I’m an over packer by default but adding THREE specific special occasions and who knows what elseis sheer like mental torture!  Each event we are attending has a very unique and specific dress code.  Therefore each outfit has unique accessories including corresponding shoes, clutch and in some cases undergarments!!  (THANKS SPANX)

I have my three-day event clothes packed and squared away in the suit case. This is to ensure I don’t forget a distinguised speciality item like a strapless bra.  However…it’s ALL the other crap I’ll need that gets me flustered.  As I said we are staying for the week.

Packing for California is in my opinion always a bear!  It’s tough because the weather fluctuates.  Cali can be chilly which calls for layers, leather jackets, sweatshirts and boots.  But in the afternoon you might want flip-flops and a t-shirt!

If the airlines were not such sticklers on the bag allowance everything would be fine!  I might get some dirty looks and a few complaints from the baggage handlers but even 60 pounds is my limit.

So you can see my issue…basically heavy clothing can cause a problem in the bag weight allowance area.  🤫🤫. Without thought I know in my head I have to pack at least 5 pair or more of shoes.  This is no including my teenager who is also attending all of the parties.  I usually count on slipping extra loot into her bag but not this time.


Cowboys boots for the ranch party. √

Black stilletos for the cocktail party and gold stilletos for the formal wedding.√

Sneakers for workout are a mandatory part of my packing regimen.

Short and tall booties just in case…

And a pair or two or flat sandals.

What I’ll actually take…4 pair of my favorite jeans, (see the right side of the suitcase) blue, grey white and black. I love me some options!

3 pair of workout leggings, one pair of capri in case it warms up, sweatshirts, cami’s, joggers, and about 4 T- shirts!

This is all a bad decision I know but I can’t leave it because what if we ?!?!?

Living and traveling with Mr. Chicken Fry is a moment to moment spontaneous adventure. One minute we can be hanging out in sweats and the next moment we are headed to a private tour at Warner Bro. Studios! We could be visiting friends or walking the Hermosa pier and one hour later we could have scored tickets to an NBA or NFL event! I never know with this guy so I must be prepared for anything!


Problem solved…I shall take a second bag and pack it full of shoes or use it as my toiletries bag.   What a relief!  Case closed!

I will be most excited to report the outcome of our glam squad appointments at Blushington in Beverly Hills.  Me and my girl have makeup appointments booked for the full razzle dazzle treatment.  These three days are an excuse to do it up and we want to look and feel the part!

I can’t wait to share all about our stay at the posh SLS in Beverly Hills followed by our mainstay…the Palace in Palos Verdes. 

This will be a non-traditional friendsgiving of sorts.  We we will miss our Texas family but send out love, prayers and thanks to each of them.

My heart is heavy for all of the people who have been touched and or destroyed by the California wildfires.  We should all count our blessings for each and every day because tomorrow is not promised.

Next week, I will not let you down.  I will follow-up with a “tell all glam version” of what we wore, who we saw and every where we went!  I also promise to report all celeb signtings, workouts and tidbits.

I’m so excited! It’s going to be a glorious affair to remember.

Love, lift and be FIT!


ps…I’m so honored to be invited to celebrate this special occasion.

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