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Getting out of town

Does anyone else feel like a crazed lunatic before leaving town?

I was so much better at it in my mid twenties when less adulting and thought played into leaving the house for a week.

Now it looks and feels a lot more like chaotic torture coupled with an endorphin rush that I have come to enjoy.

Preparing to be gone from your humble abode for more than 3 days is a workout in itself if you’re anything like me. I basically turn into a raving cleaning, speed machine. I shift into a gear that’s three past high. The self induced pressure to muscle through and get all things aligned before leaving is just plain nuts. I run errands, buy tons of crap, pay bills, clean out drawers and closets and find miscellaneous items that have been missing for years?!?

Why do I do this?

(Scroll down to the bottom for today’s total body workout)

I can’t control my impulses to complete all unfinished projects and get my act together. It’s like vacation is some weird medicinal motivation to get shish done!

Does anyone else feel this way?

I’m basically like a speedy drug addict with gnashing teeth running and gunning because I have to have, all, and I mean ALL of the boxes checked before I can leave and enjoy the trip.

It’s hard work and I realize that I overdo it and almost kill myself just to leave for seven short days away. But I like it. It’s like pre-therapy before the rest and relaxation.

Here is my typical check list.

I want the house clean. It’s my biggest stickler and number one thing I care about the most. I like to leave the house spotless. Secondly I plan to return to that same clean home! The emasculate home I worked so hard to perfect before I kissed it goodbye.

Every piece of laundry is complete. The hampers and baskets are empty.

Every dish is clean and put away in its place.

The trash cans are lined with a fresh liner and all of the garbage is gone.

I double check to be sure that there is plenty of coffee to come home to. Because no one should ever come home, wake up the first morning back and not have coffee on demand. Not on my watch.

All the things are unplugged…(in case of a direct lightening strike) Don’t laugh. It really happens and it just so happened to us last year.

You can read about that here.

I go mad and trash all unopened junk in the pantry and frig…nothing worse than coming home from vacation to spoiled, molded rotten food.

I pull out my trusty suit case and pack it full Options give me confidence.

As I’m packing, I find slight enjoyment in purging old accumulated unused items like makeup, half full hair products and such. I chuck it all. Why do I find this impromptu time so therapeutic? I mean half of this crap has been growing dust for years but out it goes.

Oh yeah and where is that missing t-shirt I haven’t seen in a while? I turn the house upside down and what do you know, I usually find several exciting things.

I retrieve all articles at the dry cleaners.

I run out and buy a boat load of healthy snacks and all of the important things to keep me occupied.

I hit the nearest Old Navy for a few fresh pairs of white and black basic shorts.

Stopping to pamper myself with a mani pedi and a trip to the beauty salon to touch up the roots.

I make sure the blinds are shut and the air is turned up.

I usually go to the library and check out some good books or smut mags to read in transit.

I double check and make sure that all daily / weekly phone alarms are turned off!!

I make sure all account and banking issues are up to date and in order. I hate to be bothered with stuff when I’m unplugged from reality.

I get all of my toiletries set out and in order. This is stuff I often forget like shampoo / conditioner and my facial wash. I get out the travel bag for my makeup and hair products. Don’t forget the hair dryer.

If it’s a road trip and we aren’t staying in a hotel with a gym I most certainly pack resistance bands and weights. No skimping on workouts when I’m out of town. You’ll see!

Now…what, for the love of living, that I don’t have to do anymore is pack for the beloved teen queen. She’s a professional in her own right. I don’t remind her or request anything special because she’s got it down pat. She a bring it all girl down to her pillow and blanket.

What I’ve come to realize is just how much fun it is to wear myself ragged so I can truly let loose when I’m gone.

Maybe this is my own bad behavior I’ve grown to love. It’s a unique habitual process that some how cleanses me and restores my sole almost as much as the beach.

About the beach! We made it to Orange Beach, Alabama. This is quite possibly our next chapter in life. I can see is pulling up roots and moving (permanently) to Orange Beach. I think I would even pluck the teen queen from her comfy little life in Texas, for another cozy beach life. It’s coolest, cleanest, beach town in America.

This is my current vibe. Here is the workout from Saturday.


Here is Monday’s warmup and workout.


check out my FIT friend Tina Nelson. Tina is a yoga buff and all around FITastic person. So happy to spend time with her at the beach house.

Stand on one leg and two your butt on a bend or chair come up and squeeze your quad and butt.

Tricep kick backs

Right over left Ab crunches.

Ab roller to cat cow

It’s so important to properly warm up the body and get the blood pumping and flowing before you begin a weight training workout. This is one of my favorite basic total body warm up exercises.

Start with 20 prisoner squats,

20 push ups followed by 20 jumping jacks.

Do two or 3 sets before a workout.

It will invigorate your body and prepare it for business.

Next up

Does anyone else stress or over achieve on house cleaning duties before a big vacation?

It’s worth it. In my opinion…because the feeling of coming home to a fresh house just makes me feel more awesome.

What’s your pattern?

Love, don’t frown because you’re going out of town.

Angi. Xo

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