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Turkey Abercrombie FITness Approved

This post is dedicated to my loving father in law Don Abercrombie who generously passed down his traditional turkey recipe.  It is the easiest most flavorful lip smacking turkey in town.  Thank you Don!

People flip out at the mere thought of cooking the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey! There is great fear and pressure to prepare the main course just right!

I think the stigma surrounding the prep is the laborious intense process. But, yall, I come bearing good news, it ain’t that hard!

In fact, making a turkey might be one of simplest high protein meals to actually make in the kitchen.  This coming from the girl who hates to cook!  Staggering news I know!

Thanks to my dear o’l Don, who taught everything I know about making a beautiful brown bird .

The actual prep time is the most time-consuming portion of the process which takes less than 30 minutes tops.   (assuming you have all the required ingredients standing by)

The bird must be thawed and ready to work with. Don’t forget to fully thaw the turkey.

If touching raw meat just disgust you to no end then by all means leave this part to a trusted friend or family member.

Make sure you get the plastic pre packaged gravy packet from the neck. And also remove the neck and all remaining innards.


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees!

I personally clean the bird with soapy water to remove any remaining bacterial.  While the bird is damp, apply the whole outside and inside of the turkey with butter.  Slater it on the turkey like you are giving it a massage.  Finish with salt and pepper.  I use sea salt and Lowrys. Place the turkey in a foil baking pan or turkey dish.

Step 2

Cut a yellow onion and a red apple in half ! Put one half in the top the other halves in the bottom.  Garlic cloves might also be fun flavor to use to enhance the flavor and aroma of the turkey.

Step 3

Add a can of swansons chicken broth to lightly cover the bottom of the pan/dish.

Make a foil tent over the entire turkey.  in other words, cover it entireley.

Bake for 30 minutes per pound

Step 4

Kick back and lt the oven do the work!

Step 5

Baste the turkey with it’s own juices every hour.

Step 6

For last 30 minutes, remove the foil tent and let it lightly brown on top.

Remove cool and serve!

You’re tastebuds will thank you for the robust flavor.  Go ahead and eat the whole leg!

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Love, less attitude and a lot more gratitude!


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