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Wrist Mania

Hey y’all and Happy Monday.

In a recent live IG workout with my best girl Cassie at HiSugarplum there was a comment about wrist pain and or wrist discomfort due to certain workout positions.

This is a such a common ailment and high on the complaint spectrum in the gym yet a topic I had never written about.  (Here is an oldie but a goodie for your reading enjoyment.  Inventory Lover)

What perfect timing to talk shop! Back in the day, I too, struggled with WRIST PAIN!



I dreaded certain exercises or movements such as mountain climbers or push ups due to the pressure in my weak little writs.  My trainer suggested wrist wrap gloves. I was so skeptical and in circa 1990 something I also felt stupid wearing workout gloves.  It wasn’t like I was a power lifter!  But none theses I heeded his advice and started wearing gloves with velcro wrist wraps. For years and years I wore padded gloves when I worked out in the gym or at home.  I wore them constantly because I had extremely weak wrists from years of tumbling and gymnastics.   The wrist wraps gloves add a ton of support and help keep the  wrist straight.  The gloves also help protect the palm of my hands from calluses and help with gripping the weights.

I truly believe that wearing these gloves for 15 years aided to the strength of my wrists.  I keep at least 6-8 pair in the gym for my clients to borrow if they don’t have their own.

If you have carpel tunel or weak wrist strength there are some things besides the gloves that will help.


I have personally never used this particular style but I like that it’s sole function is to strengthen the wrist. ADJUSTABLE WRIST WRAPS SUPPORT – Workout gloves with wrist wraps can make you stronger. They act like extra ligaments and tendons while the wrist is bent backward. They do this by distributing the weight pressure across the forearms instead of having your fingers support it all. Have the perfect support for snatches, cleans, deadlifts, front squats, bench press and other exercises that would require wrist protection

Train smarter and lift more without worrying about any slips,rips,tears, or calluses.



Use a dumbbell or a stand instead of laying your hand down flat.  This would work for push ups, hand planks, and lawn mowers.  Using the weight takes less pressure off of your wrist.


Another FITastic form of muscle support is Kinesiology tape.  This tape is so incredible for working out and or sports injuries or muscle strains.  Many physical therapists swear by it.  This tape is strong and helps to hold muscles and ligaments and tendons into place.  It’s not sticky or  painful to remove and the best part is…its sweat proof and can stay on for 48 hours.
Water resistant and sweat proof and LATEX FREE.

Kinesiology Tape 

Get a two pack for $12.99. My teen queen is a student athlete.  She plays lacrosse and is constantly hurting or injuring something.  She uses this tape like it’s going out of style.
She puts it on her knees, wrists, hands, ankles and more!  It’s good good stuff.  There are numerous reports that women who are pregnant use it to ease bank pain and or to help with abdomen strains. Wish this had been around in my day!

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I hope everyone had a safe and heathy Easter weekend.

Let’s make it a great week!





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