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Inventory Lover

I have never worked retail a day in my life but I’m guessing I would be great at it.  (the inventory part that is)  I’m big league into the checks and balance of things.  I get great pleasure from purging, re-stocking and finding ways to utilize refurbished/ vintage inventory.

As the female house manager I’m infatuated inventory!  I take inventory of my closet and bathroom (and the teen queens clothes and toys) about twice a year.  I also try to keep up with the gift/wrapping closet, pantry, mud room, game/umbrella closet, and lightbulb cabinet. I proudly take inventory of the balance of batteries, gloves and other accumulated nick knacks and when no one is looking, I toss away the junk!   I feel good about discarding and chucking the useless crap that creep into our lives.

How about you?  Are you an inventory enthusiast?

Have you ever thought about taking a lifestyle INVENTORY?

What would you find?  

Wasted money on unused gym memberships?  Tennis shoes and yoga pants collecting dust because you only show the couch all the love?   Dumbbells wasting away in a corner or under the bed?

Is your kitchen pantry full of processed crap junk foods that you keep for comfort?  Are you over worked, stressed and chain-smoking like fiend?  Are the credit cards maxed from buying stuff that you don’t actually use or wear? Are you bored?

Maybe you’re too busy?  Burning the candles at both ends, running and gunning kids with no time left for yourself much less your health?  Are you a bottom feeder of McDonald’s fries and mac and cheese?  Are you living in elastic waist band over sized clothes that would fit a gorilla? Are you miserable and bloated all of the time?


Now that the time has changed and the days are shorter as darkness falls, shine a light on your life.  Look deep and investigate your habits, patterns, friendships, and diet. Make use of what you have and love and structure it to work for your benefit.

I’m living proof that to look and feel good doesn’t have to break the bank. Mix and match as you take inventory of your Active wear wardrobe.

FITness isn’t that expensive!   ←I prove that here.  Have a look!

Where can you make changes?  What needs to go?  Can you forgo office happy hours for time at the gym?  Now there’s an idea!

Could you stop drinking during the week, pocket the saved money, and with a clear head wake up early for workout?  Sure you can!  

Will you opt for a Nicorette patch next time instead of a pack of cigarettes?  Can you smack on some gum instead of sucking on the cig.  Yesss! YOU. CAN!

Will you invest in a great pair of athletic shoes and a decent sports bra so you can be inspired and enthusiastic about your new workout program!  All you need it one or two great pair of tennis shoes that feel good and match everything.
You should get your self to the grocery store and pack in the protein.

Make this fall/winter/holiday season a time of transition and change.

In 6-8 weeks do another inventory and see where you end up.


Huddle up all of your random pieces of workout equipment.  Climb into the attic and get down the resistance bands and bring in the weights from the garage.  Place all of it in the very wide open site,  like in the kitchen or upon entry into the bedroom.  By the tv remote is a perfect spot.  Get all of that stuff out into plain vision so you’re more apt to use it.  If your yoga mat is upstairs in the game room but you never ever tromp up the stairs then bring it down.



All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Considering I live in leggings, yoga pants, and sweats…I like to make sure that when the cold snap hits, I’m fully prepared. Leggings, light weight gloves, thicker weight sock, vest, long sleeve compression fit top, jacket, vest or scarf.

If home FITness is not your gig then join a gym or workout class.  Spend your fast food, restuarant, bar bill money on an accountability coach/ personal trainer.  Let someone else kick your butt! Find a friend who’s not flakey.  Get on a healthy diet with a  dependable co-worker or family member who’s inspiring.   Figure out a plan and stick to it for the next 6-12 weeks.

Grab a grocery cart and start shopping.  Meet and greet the produce isle.  It’s a beautiful bright fresh section of the store.  Find at least two vegetables and fruits that you can live with for a week.  Get in touch with the earthy foods like potatoes, peppers, chicken, turkey, rice and eggs.  Make friends with the meat man. Think high protein low carb.  Need some help getting started?  My handy dandy meal packet is only $40.  It’s my  way of helping you take inventory of what you put in and what you need to stop eating in order to lose weightand KEEP IT OFF!

Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!


If you decide to take a look under the hood and do some clean out…its imperative to give yourself time.  Time and patience.  To clean out a closet or a drawer or a room never just ends there.  It always leads to a secondary or several projets later.  So when you make the committment to clean up your lifestyle have some patience.  It’s not going to come easy or over night.  There are going to be some things you are going to want to hold on to and hoard.  But inch by inch the more time that passes and you breathe in the new stuff and purge the old I promise you will change for the BETTER!

Love, purge and feel the surge!!



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