Bringing Sweaty Back

Side walk chalk not just for kids

This covid-29 quaranine has forced even the most uncreative creatures to think outside of the box. However, this little diddy is nothing new.

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When I started personal trainng, I hosted bootcamps but I was beyond limited in equipment.  I thought up the idea to use sidewalk chalk to create individual stations.  One of the fan favorrites became my infamous chalk ladder!  Ladies and gentlemen you can get a great cardio vascular, leg and chest workout with some chalk and squares. For best results, work the ladder and the following exercies for time.  

15-20 second intervals for BEGINNERS

30-45  seconds for INTERMEDIATE

60 to 90 seconds for ADVANCED

As pictured above, I use a 5 rung ladder in the studio.  I found a similiar 6 rung ladder IN STOCK for only $10 click the picture to order yours today!  

The first exercise is what I call a HOP TAP IN AND TAP OUT!  Hold a weight in your arms at chest level for extra resistance.  With two feet, take a hop one foot in the ladder box and the other outside of the ladder.  60 seconds on the clock! 

Work the top of the quads with one foot hops.  Sure this may look juvenine and a little hop scotchish but it works!

From Amazon I found a small box of NEON sidewalk chalk for $4.99  Can’t beat that price to bring out the fun and FITness! 


For this exercise you will only need two squares on the ladder.  Lunge into one box then push back,  hike the knee, followed by another lunge into the opposite box.  This works your core and tests your balance.  

This is the old football stance side to side.  It’s great for your arms and core.  It tests your agility and abiity to move side to side.  Go slow and keep your abs engaged and tight.  

Squat deep and wide, then hop up and together with your feet.  REPEAT and repeat!  This really works the butt, quad muscles and the heart!    

I was going super slow to show the move on this one.  Two feet in each box as you shuffle your feet.  The trick on this one is to always lead with the outside leg.  So if you are moving right, lead iwth the right foot!  Work this for a minute and half.  

FIT TIP: did you know that lateral – side to side movements, escelate your heart rate?  It’s true!  So work that ladder up and down and side to side.  Crush the calories and get creative.  Make up your own and share your favorites with me in the comment section below. 

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Love, lift and BE FIT!

Angi xo

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