Bringing Sweaty Back

Fearless Fifties

Peace out 40’s! I’m primed and ready to rock and roll the next ten years like a boss! I mean that. Forties were merely a warm up and moderate jog as far as I’m concerned. Fifties…bring it on…I’m ready to run!


Norma Kamali Diana Dress

Maybe everyone feels this way? Maybe by the time 50 rolls around, it naturally feels a more comfortable. I hesitate to use the word control but more of an internal stability,”Like I know who I’m” kind of a thing. Way less pressure to impress or perform. More confidence. A spiritual and physical healthy happy place.

Maybe it’s maturity.?

I have always felt “mature”… as in an old soul mature. As a young girl I felt ok to converse and communicate with adults or professionals. I always felt a sense of wanting to be older and idolized older people. I was a decently responsible kid/ teenager and young adult. But what I was NOT was self preservation mature.

The last ten years have been a journey of understanding and self awareness. With guided christian faith based counseling learning to ask questions and stop worrying about all the people pleasing.
“What DO I really want?” Learning to trust my instincts. Leaning into a position of unapologetic self preservation and drawing healthy boundaries. Nudging my way into a place of safe self satisfaction. Unafraid to take stake and stand ground!

50…there is a cocky-ness I suppose. Knowing that I don’t HAVE to be anything other than KIND! Being perfectly content in my skin, Angi’s skin! It feels weird and often is unpopular but it’s necessary to keep stress and anxiety at bae.

The truth is…Life…it’s not that serious”. Or it doesn’t have to be. The little things that would typically set me off…I ask…” how serious is this.? Take a beat and give yourself space to address the question. Does the situation, does the argument, does the disagreement, does the outfit, does the misunderstanding, does the frustration, do the words, does the whatever it is….does it warrant an out break of unhealthy emotions that will swallow me up and spit me out??? Most of the time it’s a NO!!!


At 50, I’m bringing a cranked up resounding recognition of appreciation! The reality that in a nano second life can change leaves me with true gratefulness. The dramatic appreciation for emotions like anger and love. It’s ok to cry and be happy and sad on a daily basis. The appreciation for health. The fact that today I can say…Mr. Chicken Fry and the baby girl and me are healthy! That’s a huge thing to celebrate! The gratitude for trusted friendships and soft worn in T-shirts and sweats! The taste of frosting and cake! The cherished time on a couch with friends! Appreciation for pain free joints! Appreciation for the calm moments!

Norma Kamali Diana Dress (metallic)

I’m a work in progress! I don’t ever want to stop changing or growing. I want my mantra to manifest love, happiness and positive energy in everything I do.

Where ever you are in your life’s journey don’t settle for hole-hum. Take chances and risks and run like a toddler at every age!

Life is short! Celebrate every daay!



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