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Party Season 2023

Wedding season is in full bloom. Not to mention, graduation ceremonies and parties galore.

As the calendar turns to Spring and Summer, these celebrations call for special attire that strikes the perfect balance between chic and appropriate. This party season can also wreck havoc on your waist line so watch out! Whether you’re a guest attending a wedding or a graduate celebrating your achievement, here are some tips on how to dress and eat for the wedding and graduation party season.

  1. Follow the dress code: The first rule of dressing for any event is to follow the dress code. Wedding invitations or graduation party invitations usually mention the dress code, which can range from casual to formal. Make sure to adhere to the specified dress code, as it sets the tone for the entire event. For casual events, opt for sundresses, skirts, or slacks with blouses for women, and khakis or dress shirts for men. For semi-formal or formal events, choose cocktail dresses, suits, or even formal gowns for women, and suits or tuxedos for men.
  2. EAT BEFORE YOU GO to the party! If the champagne is going to be flowing you want to have food in your system so it doesn’t go straight to your head. Look for vegetables and chicken and rice and always eat the cake!

A rule of thumb I have is to avoid the “signature” drink. These pre-mixed drinks are usually loaded with sugar and mixers that hurt your head and calorie count. Stick with what you know and trust. Don’t fall into temptation to drink the pineapple margarita just because it’s being passed around.

Just in case, patch up before you depart for the party! THE CHEAL PATCHES are a sure fire way to avoid a raging hangover. The patches deliver safe nutrients and vitamins to help avoid the negative effects of alcohol. I love these clear CHEAL patches and often give them as gifts!

  1. Consider the venue: The venue of the event also plays a significant role in determining your attire. A beach wedding or an outdoor graduation party may require more relaxed and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, and lighter colors. On the other hand, an indoor event in a grand ballroom or an upscale restaurant may call for more formal attire, such as silk or satin fabrics and darker colors. Always take into account the venue and the weather when choosing your outfit.

The NORMA KAMALI DIANA dress is a solid bet! She’s a shiny one shoulder number with a side angle figure flattering hem line. The fabric is ruched and has great compression. This dress allows for plenty of movement on the dance floor and comes in more fab colors. What’s more, it has a built in spanx body suit! That’s right you actually step into a nude body suit that hugs all the parts in place!! (I’m wearing an XS)

  1. Modesty: While it’s important to look stylish, it’s also crucial to dress modestly as not to up-stage the BRIDE and or the wedding party. It’s best to avoid wearing anything too revealing or overly flashy, as it can be seen as inappropriate. Steer clear of excessively short dresses, plunging necklines, or see-through fabrics. Opt for tasteful and elegant outfits that reflect your personal style without drawing attention away from the event’s main focus.

I love the metallic NORMA KAMALI DIANA dress. It’s not too flashy but and can double as a party dress or a wedding guest dress. I also like to spray this SALLY HANSEN airbrush leg spray on before getting dressed! This spray will make your legs look like panty hose! FOR REAL! I spray on to my leg and rub it in to be sure I don’t streak. Sally Hansen leg spray will not rub off on your clothes or your sheets. It’s actually hard to remove and requires soap, water and a rag! It comes in several colors. It will make your legs look like a teenager and covers up blemishes and spots! YOUR WELCOME!

  1. Don’t wear white: One golden rule for guests attending weddings is to never wear white. White is typically reserved for the bride, and wearing it can be seen as trying to upstage or compete with the bride’s outfit. Instead, opt for other colors such as pastels, jewel tones, or prints that complement the season and the event’s theme. However, for graduation parties, wearing white is generally acceptable as it’s not associated with the traditional bridal color.

This one shoulder romper is super cute for an outdoor rehearsal dinner or backyard grad party. It’s linen like material and lined. It’s not restricting but shows off your legs and arms!

  1. Pay attention to accessories: Accessories are the finishing touches that can elevate your outfit to the next level. Choose accessories that complement your outfit and the event’s dress code. For instance, for a casual outdoor event, you can go for statement jewelry, a stylish sunhat, or sandals. For a formal indoor event, opt for more refined accessories such as pearls, a clutch, or heels. Just remember not to overdo it and keep it tasteful and appropriate. AVOID CHEESY foods and oversaturated salads and sauces. Stay near the lean cuts of meats and potatoes or rice.

I landed gold when I found this color block sweater dress. It’s so perfect for a get-together, graduation, after party, showers or ceremonies. It can easily be layered with a jacket or a sweater. It’s a simple length to pair with flats or heels.

  1. Dress comfortably: While dressing stylishly is important, comfort should not be overlooked. Make sure you can move, dance, and sit comfortably in your chosen outfit. Avoid overly tight or restrictive clothing that can make you feel uneasy. Opt for breathable fabrics that will keep you comfortable throughout the event. Consider the length of your dress or skirt to ensure ease of movement. Wearing comfortable shoes is also crucial, especially if you plan to dance the night away.

These gold metallic flat sandals are tried and true. They offer just a quick glance of sparkle. The flat sandals come in black, silver and rose gold. Elastic ankle straps to quickly slip on and off. Comfort level is a 10. Speaking of size…these sandals come in full and half sizes. Super light for travel or packing purposes.

If you are a pants girl, these satin high waisted slacks are smoking hot! I have them in black and pink. They feel so silky and pair with long sleeve blouse or a casual tee-shirt. I love the two pockets and the bold color!

These button up blouses are my favorite. I’m goo goo for the prints and colors which look great with a solid pant! There are so many gorgeous patterns to choose from!

  1. Be respectful of cultural or religious traditions: If you’re attending a wedding or graduation party that follows specific cultural or religious traditions, it’s important to be respectful and mindful of those customs when choosing your outfit. Some cultures or religions may have specific dress codes, such as covering the shoulders or legs. Research and adhere to these traditions to show respect for the event’s hosts and their beliefs.

This off the shoulder jumpsuit by Normal Kamali is max comfort. Super easy to slip on and dress up or down. An easy go to for any occasion but chic style! Great for date night or grad party.

A classic black and white approach is crisp and clean for any scene. These wide leg high waisted pants are solid. Elastic waist and zip button closure plus two deep pockets! These pants come in four more solid colors! Wide leg slacks are trending for day to night all day style! Mix and mingle your tops and slacks!

The color of these slacks /pants is beyond bright and RICH! You will have and wear and love these gorgeous Silk slacks for life! They pair with any top imaginable. They are business or they are party! So flowy and figure flattering! Take them out on the and take a spin on the dance floor! You will shine bright.

These sleeveless silky tops are simple and cool! I love that you can wear them forward or backwards. These tops will style with slacks, skirts or denim shorts! The top flares and adds shape to the torso. Check out the other three colors!

Can we even talk about these metallic gold heels? Chunky and funky offering stability and max height. I love the platform because it makes it easier to walk and dance. These high heels come in about 30 more colors and patterns.

May your party season be saucy and sweet!

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*** professional photos by the talented Emilylizphotography! Thanks for making the shoot fun and comfortable!

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