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Isn’t FUN the best thing to have? 

It’s Monday already y’all!  How was your weekend?

You know those post holiday weekends when you’re suppose to kick back in comfy clothes, rest and take a load off?  ME EITHER!   I have read about it and possibly experienced it once or twice but NOT this weekend!

This holiday was an Abercrombie pedal to the metal palooza!  I hate use the term exhausted but yesterday,  I hit a wall of exhaustion from all of the FUN we had!  Please make a special note that I said FUN, not FITness.  Folks, there was absolutely no FITness whatsoever happening for me the past four days!  None whatsoever. This is NOT to be confused with inactivity.  I only mean that I didn’t make time for a dedicated cardio session or a workout.  I’m certain that I have not gone 4 days without a workout in two years when I was bed ridden with the flu. But, strangely, I still have a pulse and I did not die!   Yes, I feel like a wiggly jiggly bowl full of jelly but it’s nothing a few days of clean eating and working out can’t fix.  Speaking of big bellies, look who we found?  It’s SANTA!!

We were busy that’s for certain but we, my family and I, were busy having FUN.  Stagnant is a far far far away term not where close to our FUN family filled weekend. The fun began Wednesday afternoon when me, baby girl, aka our teenage daughter and Mr. Chicken Fry hit the road to visit family in Denton.  Y’all, Chicken Fry’s sister can cook!!  Whoa baby, we were treated to an early thanksgiving feast FIT for a royal family!  Best part was, I didn’t have to prepare or cook a single thing.  My amazing, talented, sister in law only asked me to bring a fruit tray!  God love her bones!  What a precious blessing. I felt so incredibly guilty walking into the Texas sized spread.  You name it and trust me, she had every last   traditional fixin imaginable. Nothing was sparred!  We had an abundance of food, fellowship and laughter.   After lunch, the guys took a ride out to the McClendon Farm and I got to spend some over due quality time with the gals. At some point I recall a brief walk around a large Texas size neighborhood block to wake us from the turkey coma.  The brisk walk perked us up and somehow we ended up at the corner store for festive bottle of bubbly!    Cheers to the beginning!


After what seemed like a small nap my eyes opened and it was game day baby!  I popped up  all bright eyed and bushy tailed to turn on the Macy’s Parade.  After two cups of coffee, one set of push ups and some minor food prep, Mr. Chicken Fry was leading the charge.  By 11:30am we were fully dressed in our best Dallas Cowboy regalia.  We packed our tailgate goodies along with two teenagers and we were locked and loaded for some Dallas Cowboys thanksgiving day football!

We totally infringed and pulled up a seat for a little pre game tailgate with some old friends.  It was greatness. Beyond blessed with a double dose of food, fun, sun, campfire and games. The weather and company was perfect!



Friends, it’s not a Texas tailgate without country music, washers, corn hole, and a good ol fashioned pig skin to toss around. Once again, I somehow managed to get out of cooking!  It was like a Christmas miracle. I preordered Jimmy John’s sandwiches.  I also  pre purchased salsa, pico de galllo and guacamole from our local mexican food joint.  I ate quite a bit of chips and guacamole but hey, we did a TON of walking which made up for it!  Plus, I’m pretty sure I got my heart rate up waving my towel and cheering like a super fanatic!  Hello, up to this point I had not experienced dessert.





The Cowboys victory over the DEADskins was a glorious thanksgiving treat not to mention Mr. Chicken Fry’s maneuvering out of the horrendous traffic.  He was so stealth we made it out in record time which meant we could meet and greet some friends in Colleyville.  You guessed it, more bubbles, more food and fantastic fellowship with the Peters!  Y’all, have you ever seen a meringue this magnificent???  Me either, Eat your heart out Aunt Paula!    fullsizerender-6

Their spread was significant but at that point all I wanted to do was work my jaw chatting it up!  I was on a natural high from the day’s events and the Cowboy’s win! We had so much fun with this guns up gang!  Thankful for my lone TCU horned frog friend on the left!  xo  fullsizerender-7


After what felt like a very short sleep we were back at the fast and furious Abercrombie pace. It was time to go full country cowboy mode!

fullsizerenderYEE-HAW!  We loaded up the truck with food, drinks, two teenagers, a dog and some clothes. Once again I opted out of cooking and purchased a couple of veggie and cheese trays, so sue me!  By 1pm we were on journey number three, west Texas bound headed for Rockin A Ranch.  We arrived to a boat load of cousins, aunts, uncles, babies, teens, and grand parents!   The more the merrier and more turkey!  Y’all, get a load of this table. Another Thanksgiving feast awaited us!


I was sure that the pies were multiplying and following me!  These are not duplicate photos…

Ham, turkey, stuffing, corn, green beans, and chips galore!

We wrapped up the evening with old stories, camp fire songs and Chinese lanterns.  It was 2am before my bones hit the hay.     But the time spent with family is priceless! 

The next morning would you believe that my mom took the kids to the donut store? Mom spent so much money, the owner of the donut store demanded a photo!  As if we needed more desserts?  Aiee ya yiee!   Y’all, we had 6 pies, one humongous four layer cake, cookies and gooey bars from ZenZero bakery.  We needed more sweets like we needed a hole in the head. 

I had to do something about this feeding frenzy so I suggested a family hike.  People were so jacked up on sugar they actually agreed to come!  It was rainy and wet but we managed to muddy it up, laugh and have fun.  Unfortunately, this was the full extent of my exercise.  I highly doubt that playing in a 3 man pacman tournament counts as actual exertion!

Later that evening we caved and ordered mexican food because you can only have so much turkey and dressing.  Bring on the jalapeños, salsa,  queso, guac and fajitas!  No, I don’t eat cheese! Y’all look at Mr . Chicken Fry’s plate piled sky high!  

After dinner, Santa Clause made a surprise visit to check his naughty and nice list!  Mr. Chicken got a giant stamp of naughty…look at this plate???  Unfortunately my report to ol Kris Kringle wasn’t super stellar.  I said “Santa, lookie here dude. I have basically been living on adrenalin, fellowship, turkey, cake, campfire and bubbly for the last 72 hours. Can you give me a little break big guy?”     

It’s true, I feel like a bloated hot mess BUT,  I did have fun and isn’t FUN the best thing to have?

Twas a blessed BUSY fun filled weekend with so many sunsets and special people! I’m blessed beyond measure with amazing family and friends!   I love you all!

Today, I got up, worked out and will turn up the heat and make clean choices when I eat!  #cheatclean #FITforlife

Love, don’t pout and go workout!   (santa’s coming to town) 




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