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Foolish Foods

Navigating a new healthy eating regimen can be difficult.  There is a ton of tom foolery in marketing “healthy foods.”  These healthy spin tactics are designed to keep a fat rat on the wheel spinning into a  never ending frenzy.

I want to move you off of the wheel and away from the maddening maze of unhealthy healthy foods!  You don’t have to be the FAT rat blindly feeling your way around a grocery store hunting for real “healthy foods”.  

Are you curious about my stance on yogurt?  hummas?  cereal?  

Most newbies/beginners get fired up, take the plunge and completely nose dive into deep waters that leave them treading water without any progress.  This is due to much bad industry information and ignorance.  The unfiltered constant bombardment of “health food” advertisements and supplements on social media is off the chain.

It’s no wonder your confused after all it’s just yogurt RIGHT?!?  You think you’re eating healthy food or is the not so healthy food, fooling you?

Now I’m not into wasting.  I don’t like to waste time, money, food, paper or water.  However…if your pantry or frig has any of the following items, trash them on the pronto.  Hurry up because these foods aren’t doing your waist line any favors.

Greek yogurt

Cottage cheese

Soy milk

Whole wheat bread

Goji berries

Stevia and other sugar sweeteners

Diet Sodas


Fake fat substitutes

Egg whites

FAT FREE crackers

Pre-packed deli meats

Boxed Cereal (this one is so hard to write)

I’m not suggesting that these foods are terrible or bad but they aren’t the key to your total body transformation.  These foods are not going to kick-start your metabolism and punch you into fat burning status.  Fact is…most of these foods will delay the process leaving you frustrated and frozen.

Just because it’s in a health food store or in a health food section or on a menu under “heart healthy options, doesn’t make it TRUE!

What is my stance on Halo Top ice cream?  Halo Top ice cream is an ice cream substitute.  Is a healthy sub for Blue Bell, but that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy nightly choice.  Halo Top is a decent sweet treat but it’s NOT an ideal weight loss supplement!

Eating Halo Top every day will not make you skinny or help you lose weight.  It’s, however, a grand substitute, for a sweet craving on a Tuesday.

In my opinion, greek yogurt is only useful when you have been experiencing intestinal gut issues.  In this case, yogurt with live cultured bacteria are beneficial to help line the bowels.  This can also be achieved and have a similar effect as taking a probiotic.

Hummus is a condiment!  It’s a side item that if eaten in moderation, is a 2 on a 5 star snack rating scale.  It’s ok in a pinch.  It’s a nice appetizer to be eaten with fresh vegtables but it’s not a staple “good for you” healthy choice.

Folks…if you want to live a healthier more nutritious life you have to consume foods that produce energy and fuel the body.  Sugar substitutes and fruit juices only cause the opposite.  These calorie rich drinks cause a crash and burn not to mention empty calories leading to excessive weight gain. If you consume two or more alcoholic beveragesday, week it’s even more important to give up all unnecessary sugar intake.  Drinking sodas and juice plus alcoholic beverages are a straight ticket to a chubby bloated muffin top. This is why I save my sugar caloric intake for the food stuff like a glass of sparkling rose’!  

This also goes for mocha frappe iced coffee! Pumpkin spice lattes with cream only aid and abet a big butt! 

Certain speciality fru fru flavored coffee drinks can squash the momentum of a healthy diet. Flavored coffee creamers can muck things up even more.  They are loaded with sugar and preservatives.  The better alternative is skim milk or these sugar free, gluten free NUT PODS!



The teen queen first found Nut Pods linked here on Amazon.  But now our local Tom Thumb carry the delicious creamer.

My motto is a hungry body is a healthy body.  Your body is a machine.  A fat burning machine is at your disposal and firing up your metabolism is the key to optimal health.  What you want to do is stick with earthy foods.  Foods that are natural and produced from mother earth.



Grains such as rice and corn







Eggs including the yolk

Sparkling water

Protein (non manufactured) like turkey off the bone, ground turkey, tuna, fish, chicken, or pork

Further more, cheese is not your friend.  Say goodbye to cheese if you are on a weight loss journey.  It’s ok…you won’t die.  Just forget about it…FITget about it and let it be!

Get acquainted with and celebrate the produce section of the store.  Create a shopping list and stick with it.  If your tempted to buy crap DONT GO DOWN THE JUNK FOOD ISLE!   Learn to create flavor with garlic and onions. Cook with coconut spray and coconut flour.  Learn to eat less gluten and watch your body flourish.

My uncle recently had a massive gall bladder attack.  He had just eaten a meal packed with grease, gravy, fried bacon and saturated fats out the wazoo.  It made his body sick.  Before he was healthy enough to remove his gall bladder, he was sent home to clean up his act. He was ordered a strict diet of soups and vegetables.  His primary diet for three weeks was gluten-free.  Guess what happened to his body?  He lost weight.  He feels better and his body didn’t try to reject or react to the healthy foods he was ingesting. 

BEWARE of Soy protein in high doses because it’s not a complete protein. It’s best to invest in high quality fat and grass-fed fat pasture raised protein.

In small amounts, I enjoy edamame with a dash of sea salt.


Kale I help you?  Kale and quinoa are also solid starchy earth carbs that I deem Abercrombie and FITness approved.

Buyer BEWARE!  I think it’s valuable to always avoid a fat free & sugar-free scam. Just beacause something is fat or sugar free doesn’t mean it nutricious.

When in doubt think, MOTHER EARTH. Did it grow from the earth or was is produced in a factory?  These simple questions can be the turing point to your quest for a healthier more FIT lifestyle.



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Love, eat clean and live lean


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