Bringing Sweaty Back, I don't cook

Give it up girl! 

This is not a scare tactic, it’s just a down right fact…Christmas is 157 days away!    


Yesterday I made an encouraging proposal!   I’m on bended knees begging you to give yourself a Christmas present in Juy.  The gift that keeps on giving.  The gift of health and FITness.  This is a purposeful  plea to begin work on your waist line now, before the seasonal madness.

Today, I specifically want to address the subject of food and eating a healthy clean diet.

I’m acutely aware that many people out there really really really savor and adore the TASTE of food.  They care deeply about the flavors and the textures of food. When they eat, it’s as if they are making love to their food.  I know you have seen it. Maybe you are guilty.   The entire dining experience of juices and sauces tantalize your taste buds.  If you are one of these people, you gotta GIVE IT UP!

If you seek true weight loss and or to drop a dress size or four, you have to give up the adoration for rich “delicious” gourmet foods. Check this out this blog post called 6 PACK which explains how to EAT your way to wash board abdominals!  My motto is “A hungry body is a healthy body!”

What I’m proposing is a dramatic shift in your frame of mind over food!  The attention  is driven by activities and exercise while food rides in the passenger seat!.  Yes, eating is vital and valuable to sustain metabolism and energy, BUT…it is not the primary focus.  Eating should be enjoyed but not the BIG event!  Have you ever been holding on to a great bottle of wine for a special occasion?  The truth is any occasion can be special! Eating should be something you do but should not be the big focus of your attention.  

Let me confess, I have first hand knowledge that NOT all health foods TASTE delicious.  Some “diet foods are just plain ol awful!  I get it girly girl.  I’m one of you and I speak from experience.  I myself had to give it up!  

Nothing taste as good as being FIT feels!  


I sacrifice savory delicious taste for high grams of protein and low-calorie low/non fat foods.   I care more about the vitamins and nutrients in a protein shake, boiled egg, serving of spinach or grilled chicken breast than I do about how it taste!!  This is raw brutal honesty!  I obsess mostly about actually shoveling the clean healthy food into my mouth because it keeps my metabolism fired up!  A high metabolism burns calories and keeps me energized.  

So what, give it up!  In fact, FITget about it!! I choose raw carrots, cucumbers, corn tortillas and flat pretzels instead of chips.  I choose a grilled chicken salad with no dressing instead of an enchilada.  I choose double meat and brown rice at Chipotle because I save my calories for a cheat meal. I eat popcorn and edamame instead of Cheese Its and Goldfish.  I choose oatmeal instead of pancakes.  I surrender to clean eating and give up these so-called “delicious” cheesy rich high fat foods!  

The return on my “give it up” attitude is a sculpted physique. You too can give up the fried foods, cheese, desserts and soda and once and for all ditch the muffin top.  You hate it.  Do something about it.  GIVE IT UP girl!  Look lean in your jeans this fall!  

GIVE in!

Protein shakes and bars may not be delicious but they have certainly come along way!  Check out my post called BAR WARS!  I purchase premier protein shakes in bulk at Cost Co!  The shakes are not chalky or too sweet; quality brand!   After a while you will actually chug a lug without a thought. If you like chewy, Quest bars are a great pick.  I kid you not, Path Of Life products are easy to use microwave bags of tasty quinoa.   Give in to fruits and fresh vegetables with seasoned with fresh garlic and peppers.  Toast or saute Sweet potatoes and Kale and you will be surprised.  I know I was!  

Tang it up with tomatoes, lemon and lime.  Save all kinds of calories skipping soda and juices while treating yourself to water with mint and tea with lemon.  

The count down to Christmas is on!  Where will you be in 157 days?  

Peace, Love and just GIVE it up!






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