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Client Testimonial: Moxie Martha

Good morning friends.  If by chance you’re in need of an uplifting inspiring tale, you have come to the right place.  You’re about to witness a total transformation. A first hand look at someone who drank “my kool aid” and put in the effort to refine her physique.  Prepare to be WOWED!

Meet my amazing friend Martha. She is just ONE of the many Abercrombie and FITness workout warrior success stories.  Allow me to start at the beginning.  The picture right below was taken just before we met.


In brief, I met Martha through a corporate health and wellness challenge last fall. She was an account specialist for the company that hired me to lead their employee wellness challenge. I had no idea what kind of folks would sign up or what type of FITness levels I would be working with. All I knew was that I was there to do what I love most.  My gift is to make people believe that real change is possible and encourage them to make it a life long lifestyle.

Martha and I became fast friends.  She’s extremely smart and interesting and we happen to share a passion for Netflix, music, CSI true crime stories, the Dallas Cowboys and Christ.  I could tell straight away that Martha had that look in her eye.  That “eye of the tiger” determined look.  She had a burning desire to make a REAL change.  This is the kind of gusto that gets me in the groove!   I was so fired up that she was so eager to lose weight and WIN her company wellness challenge.

Time to shine and get to WORK!  No one said it was going to be all GUCCI and gravy train.

Here is Martha’s story.

 Hi Guys!  I have been training with Angi  a little over a year now.  In this past year, my life has dramatically changed in ways I never thought possible. I was introduced to Angi through a healthy lifestyle challenge at work.  Angi was leading the charge.    Before the “wellness challenge” I had never thought working out was even an option for me.  I was pushing 210 pounds, a smoker, and had never worked out a day in my life. I think I had been brainwashed to accept that being a physically fit person just wasn’t in the cards for me. Never the less, Angi’s enthusiastic personality persuaded me to give it a try. What did I have to lose, right?


I’m not going to lie, the first few workouts were seriously tough. Being a newbie, I didn’t have any stamina.  I was weak and not able to lift more than 5 pound dumbbells. Angi kept repeating, “everyone starts somewhere and there is no shame in where you begin.”  She made sure that I was pushing and giving my best in that one hour session once a week.  Every workout was different, difficult but doable.  She would tell me that every session was just practice for the next time.   Angi literally pushed me to accomplish things I didn’t realize I could do, like burpies!!  After a while, I actually started looking forward to my workouts instead of dreading them. I was getting stronger and could feel it! I was gradually lifting more weight, and little by little my stamina was increasing!

After seeing the positive changes in my life from just one hour a week of high intensity internal training, I wanted more.  I joined an existing group for an extra workout a week.  Adding another workout made a huge difference and once again I wanted more change.  I quit smoking and went on Angi’s guided healthy meal plan.   I’m proud to say that as of today, I’m 35 pounds lighter than I was a year ago!  210 pounds down to 175 in a little over a year! Slow and steady progress!  I still have about 25 pounds more to lose to get to my goal weight.  Angi keeps telling me that the NUMBER on the scale is NOT important.  While 35 pounds is significant weight loss, I have also gained muscle and confidence!


I now have what Angi calls, FITmentum and at the rate I’m moving, I will reach my goal in no time. Without Angi’s silly buzz words, comic relief and passion for FITness, I would not be where I’m today. It is so important to have someone in your life holding you accountable to workouts and eating better. Every time I wanted to give up, she WOULD NOT let me! Every time I had an excuse to miss a workout, she would  offer a solution so I could not skip!!!  I’m so thankful that I have her in my life.  She’s the voice I hear when I’m cooking and the voice I hear when I’m doing my cardio.  She’s loud and silly but it works for me.

Biggest take away is that real change doesn’t happen overnight!  Slow and steady and it’s so rewarding and worth it.  This is not the last you will hear from me.  I will reach my goal to lose more weight and Angi will give ya’ll an update. I am working hard so it won’t be long!   To be continued…


Now you see why I fell in love with her right?  Can’t you just feel her passion and see her struggle.  Did you feel her sweat dripping off the page?   Don’t you just love it?

She did the work, lost the weight, gained lean muscle and went home with a wad of money!  Martha won the wellness challenge and took home a cash prize!  But her story is not yet complete. Real change, real journey real stories…that’s what I’m all about!

Love, burn fat, and sculpt your tummy flat!

Angi xo

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